July’s Google Mobile Speed ​​update Clarifications From John Mueller

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July’s Google Mobile Speed ​​update Clarifications From John Mueller

The Google Mobile Speed ​​Update is officially being rolled out since July 9, 2018 to all users. Feel free to check out the rest of the article to get more details about it. We announced it to you last January, Google will very soon deploy a Speed ​​Update targeting above all mobile sites that are too slow to load . John Mueller recently clarified a few things about this new algorithmic update.  The Mobile Speed ​​Update is an algorithmic update from Google that should negatively impact all slower-loading mobile sites in search results.

John Mueller wanted to clarify three points regarding this new algorithmic update related to the loading time of mobile versions of sites: 1- Only the slowest sites will be negatively impacted by this update 2- If the slowest mobile sites improve their loading time, the SEO free number brazil associated with these improvements will be graduated according to the improvements made (the faster a very slow mobile site becomes, the more significant the positive impacts on its SEO will be). 3- Sites that are already fast won’t see significant SEO impacts from improving their performance even more (but it’s good for UX).

In a Recent Tweet Reply to Barry Schwartz,

The algorithmic update is still scheduled for July 2018 although John Mueller has not on a precise date of deployment. Has your competitor suffered a bad buzz that has allowed him to garner a certain number of links in a short time. Has your brand been acclaimed many times when your competitors are rather criticized. For Google in 2018 a link remains a link whether it comes from. An article with a positive or negative tone. The information was shared by.


Danny Sullivan on Twitter when responding to a question from a user asking if there was a . Google search operator to filter results by positive or negative sentiment. In his answers Danny Sullivan replied that Google is not able to detect this type of sentiment. Therefore specific search operator to date your site receives. A lot of links in a short time for a good reason or a bad one. Google will treat these links in the same way.

Google Officially Announced It via a

Tweet dated August 1, 2018, the search engine has just launched, as it does several times a year. A major algorithmic update that can have positive and negative impacts on all of the websites positioned in SEO on Google. In the United States, some webmasters have complained of losses of up to -30% in search engine traffic. Although it is still a bit early to identify the factors targeted by this new update. A full check of your search engine traffic and your rankings is strongly recommended on all the sites you manage. Summary

Google update august 1st semrush google update August 1st Desktop MOBILE google update.  August 1st RankRanger Mobile MOZCAST google update august 1st mozcast. In France the impact of this new algorithmic update of 1, 2018 seems to have been light on the first day. Of deployment and less important than in the rest of the world if we are to believe the data from. Vote France August 1st 2018 On the other hand from August the effects seem to have been much greater. France again according to the SEMrush Sensor tool allowing fluctuations to be monitored by country and by theme As can be seen from the screenshot above. The most impacted sectors seem to be the following.

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