John Akiy-Bois – Background and obstacle course to Olympic gold in Uganda and highlights in Munich

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John Akiy-Bois – Background and obstacle course to Olympic gold in Uganda and highlights in Munich

Zambia’s 400 meter running legend Samuel Matete was born on July 27, 1968 in Chingola, Zambia. Samuel Matete is one of the greatest 400 meter hurdles in the world of all time. For young Matete, Ugandan legendary hurdle John Akiy-Bois was his most important sporting idol. Matete still holds the African record of 47.10 seconds in the 400 hour race he made on 7 August 1991 in the city of Zurich, Germany. At this Weltklasse Zürich, an annual Switzerland phone number list track and field race in Switzerland that is part of the IAAF In the Gold League and sometimes referred to as the One Day Olympics, Matete is undoubtedly the most memorable athletic sign. In his homeland, Matete first trained in basic conditions, including installing handmade wooden barriers. Only three other people, all from the United States, have officially set personal records faster than Samuel Mate. These are: Brian Bronson in 47.03 seconds (set in New Orleans, Louisiana on 21 June 1998), Edwin Moses in 47.02 seconds (set in Koblenz, Germany on 31 August 1983) and Kevin Young in an extraordinary world record etc. By far the only official time was under 47 seconds from 46.78 seconds (on 6 August 1992 in Barcelona, ​​at the Olympics, in the final).

The only other runner in Africa with a personal record faster than Akii-Bua is El Hadj Amadou Dia Ba from Senegal. At the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, he escaped with the intermediate hurdles for 47.23 seconds. Here, at 29, Dia Ba was beaten in the final by 29-year-old American Andre Phillips (47.19 years, an Olympic record) to 29th, and 33-year-old world record holder Edwin Corley Moses settled down. down for bronze in a time of 47.56 seconds. The performance in this Olympic final was outstanding: Andre Phillips set an Olympic record and Edwin Moses ran (despite his bronze medal) faster than the two previous Olympics where he won gold! With the support of Dia Ba, the final showed that Aki-Boa’s African record was broken by medium hurdles. Apart from Samuel Matete, Julius Lelelin George Herbert is the only other runner in Africa who has the best personal time faster than Akiy-Bois who is in third place for the bronze medal in the 2000 Olympics final with a time of 47.81 seconds Sydney instead.

In 1964, 15-year-old John Akiy-Bois dropped out of primary school with an academic degree. For the next two years, Akiy stopped helping b2c phone list herd 120 herds of cattle for his extended family. Aki had long learned how to milk and how to employ cattle for plowing. Akii told Kenny Moore that he grew up as a tough and athletic shepherd as a young man: “I milked them [the cattle], plowed them, everything. In 1956, when I was very young, lions took sheep and goats from our ranch. ., not even cattle. But no one came when I was raising them. I watched a very large python close up. And we have wild monkeys. They can annoy you and throw things. Sports Illustration “:” Game of Light, “20 November, 1972).

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