It’s Been a Busy Year for the Ecommerce Industry

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It’s Been a Busy Year for the Ecommerce Industry

And it looks like 2019 will continue at the same rate of growth. For anyone selling online, this is good news. Consumers are buying online in ever-increasing amounts and it looks set to continue. With e-commerce growth estimated to reach nearly $4.8 billion in sales by 2021, the race to keep online stores relevant is on. However, to have an all-encompassing eCommerce store, you need to look towards the latest trends and apply them to your business model. Technologies and trends are always evolving, and eCommerce stores must learn to differentiate between relevant trends and short-lived fads.

Here are the top ecommerce trends to watch out for, as well as how to implement them. Top eCommerce Trends A fad is a short-lived spike in popularity. A trend is something that will last much longer. Knowing about emerging trends can help your eCommerce store stay one Mexico b2b contact list ahead of the competition. Adopting trends, on the other hand, will quickly make you look stale. This guide will explain the following trends: Targeted Advertising marketing automation Arkansas Trend One: Contextual and Programmatic Advertising Contextual and programmatic advertising may sound like a lot of technical jargon, but it simply means targeted advertising.

Targeted Advertising Works by Directly Targeting Your

Advertising and marketing campaigns at a specific audience. The benefits of this are many: Ad buying is automated It is incredibly efficient and profitable. It works to increase visits to your website. No possibility of human error Why is targeting such an important factor to think about? Consider how much you know about your target audience. If you analyzed your data well, you know their age range, interests, online and offline behavior, as well as the online platforms they spend the most time on. In the prehistoric days before the Internet,

Advertising was a predefined package that you threw out into the world and hoped the right people would see it. Now you can target your ads directly to the people you want. No wonder it’s becoming the most talked about eCommerce trend of 2019. How to implement programmatic advertising? Look at the platforms you sell and advertise on. Whether it’s Amazon or Facebook, you’ll have the option to determine who sees your ads. Step One – Identify the specific audience you want to target (for example, dog owners in Washington). Step Two – Calculate your budget.

It Can Be an Expensive Option, and Depending

On the popularity of your search criteria, costs can add up very quickly. Step Three : Augment your data. While trusting your chosen platform is a good foundation, your actual ad itself should contain your research keywords. The more data you have, the better your results will be. Step four : Get smaller. If you have a wide range of products, it is possible that a line can be further targeted. The smaller you can make your target audience, the better your ROI. Step Five – Choose your platform. The larger the audience a platform has, the more data it has.

The more data you have, the more you can target your ad where you need it. That is why Google and Facebook Ads Manager are going to be your priorities. Of course, by choosing smaller platforms, your costs will be lower. Look at platforms like Rocket Fuel and LiveRamp to find alternatives that may be more profitable. “ There are three levers or pillars in the advertising business: the message itself, the right audience, the right place. The industry has focused on the audience. But if you don’t have the first two correct, you’re wasting your money.”

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