It Is Also and Above All Because This Aspect

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It Is Also and Above All Because This Aspect

Becomes very important for the user experience. User experience could well become the number 2 SEO trend in 2015 after quality content…If the basics of SEO do not change, a good part of the work of an SEO consists of knowing how to adapt to the changes, this infographic presents us with what has changed in recent times. Summary : SEO, a discipline of constant questioning? If the SEO before was carried by 3 main pillars which were: optimizing a page for a keyword, the obsession with positioning on competitive queries and netlinking .

Now, as John Mueller continues to warn against link schemes , the job of SEO is changing to focus more and more on the quality of service offered to users . Whether this involves optimizing internal content , optimizing the speed of the site to promote visitor navigation like Sweden whatsapp number list the quality of the internal structure of the site and the associated content are now key factors success in 2015. SEO managers are no longer as interested in competitive queries as before , the long tail which represents on average 70% of the SEO traffic of sites is now the number 1 target of webmasters and SEOs.

The User Experience Has Also Become

Google’s number one priority in a while , mobile compatibility is no longer an option for many websites. SEOs must adapt, their tasks with them. The 4 main activities of SEO managers are now: Data analysis Content creation Optimization for social networks Keyword analysis If a few years ago the netlinking would have occupied the top of the ranking , the work of SEO seems to evolve towards more extensive tasks. Content creation and SEO, what has changed: Before, SEOs wrote content on their website for search engines like GoogleBot, now webmasters favor content with real added value for the Internet user .

It is therefore no longer a question of making quantity at all costs but of creating content. That engage the audience, via sharing on social networks in particular. Content marketing is therefore becoming a major axis of communication for companies engaged online and the interest. Of brands in these techniques should only increase in the future. Yesterday’s netlinking VS today’s linkbuilding If quantity has long been the key to success in SEO. SEOs now prefer quality . It is now better to have 5 very qualitative links than 200 links identified by Google against spam (links on comment signatures link farms low quality directories.

On the Other Hand, If Only a Few Sites Have a Mobile

site with a highly optimized loading time, the impacts (both positive and negative. Re always taken into account. Google, they are only one part of the more than 200 positioning. Factors that the search engine crosses to determine the positioning of websites in its natural results. Should we continue to risk linkbuilding. If John reiterates Google’s warning against artificial linking systems. It is still possible to find quality backlinks . With his last advice to make the URL of your page easily copied, John Mueller thus confirms the interest of links for Google, provided that they are made by someone other than the webmaster.

Webmaster Trend Analyst at Google, John Mueller sets up many hangouts with webmasters to try to best answer their questions. In this last hangout of February 13, John answered the question of a webmaster who wondered if netlinking was still something good for webmasters in 2015 . To this question, John Mueller answered by starting by saying that in general, “it is better to avoid” . Google therefore advises against, but this does not change, having recourse to manual netlinking strategies. Understand, strategies put in place by the webmasters themselves. John Mueller’s advice:

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