It is a Sprint Into the 4G Wireless Revolution With AT&T Trailing Verizon telephone Network

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It is a Sprint Into the 4G Wireless Revolution With AT&T Trailing Verizon telephone Network

Just once you thought you knew all you needed to understand about telephone and smart phone networks. Just once you believed you knew where all the dead-zones where in your area or on the route to your commonest destination, it appears there’s a Game Changer afoot; the 4G wireless network. And when it involves 4G wireless technologies, there are variety of companies leading the sector .

These companies are Sprint, which is Sprinting The Georgia phone number list ahead as we speak opening up San Francisco to 4G capabilities immediately . And there’s AT&T which dominates markets in many nations , and there’s Verizon with a bigger footprint of subscribers and a big market share advantage. However, 4G cellular wireless is quickly making all that 3G wireless technology completely obsolete and therefore the new race is on. And these companies want you into a full-featured Smart Phone like yesterday, one with GPS, video talk, news feeds, mobile TV, and unprecedented surfing speeds online.

If you think that your 3G wireless telephone running on the AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon Network is sweet now, ha, you haven’t seen anything yet. Each of those companies is about to spend billions more upgrading their networks. And, Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Nexus One stand to realize even more market share. there’s rumor that soon you will be ready to buy a Google Nexus One and it’ll be ready to run on the Verizon network, whereas, before you were limited to the AT&T Network thereupon model.

So, who is sprinting the fastest when it involves 4G wireless roll-out? Well the king of opening up new markets with their blitz marketing type b2c phone list teams possesses to be Sprint, they’re so aggressive on the bottom floor, and with all their indirect dealers, that you simply can bet they’re really giving the large boys a run their money lately .
Of course, Sprint is large and it’s no Spring Chicken either really. In fact, you’ll get a full listing of all the 4G cities by getting to Sprint dot com – forward slash 4G. the corporate has already announced that it offers 4G smart phone data and telephone combination services 3g and 4G in:

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