It Is A Moment Where The Potential

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It Is A Moment Where The Potential



Client is considering buying and comparing, perhaps, between your offer and those of your competitors. In addition, the length of the customer’s journey varies according to each stage, so although some leads can spend hours or months in the attraction stage (TOFU) and in the consideration stage (MOFU), the bottom stage of the funnel is usually be somewhat shorter, even because the lead probably already has an opinion on the matter. In the BOFU, it is understood that the lead already knows what his problem is and also recognizes that the company has the solution to help him.

Now, he is comparing other solutions and weighing the pros and cons of one company’s products and services versus another. What questions do you answer at this stage? One of the main Norway whatsapp number list of the bottom of the funnel stage is to strengthen the authority of your company so that the lead’s confidence increases and they can make the sale. So, you need to look for ways to increase your authority. For that, you must: Show how the company works. Show customer success stories.

Make Demonstrations Of The Use Of The Product

or service. Focus on the advantages of the company in the market. An excellent way to do all this is by investing in video content, which conveys more proximity and credibility. Since, the closer the client feels to the company and the products, the greater the possibility of making the purchase. The importance of knowing how to sell through bofu items What formats are more suitable for BOFU? Regardless of the format, for credibility to exist, BOFU material must be well crafted and of excellent quality and production.

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However, there are content formats that help to better convey that authority and credibility that the lead should feel at this stage: Webinar . A webinar is a kind of online conference that creates authority and proximity with viewers, as they can even ask questions live. Webinars need a good script and there are now some good free tools to do them, like Google Meet . Mini videos. Despite not being a direct dialogue like in a webinar, making good mini-videos explaining some BOFU content is also a good format. Because it is shorter and requires less attention time,

There Is A Chance That The Lead

will see it even if he is not as motivated as a prospect who is interested in watching a webinar. Similarly, mini-videos are easily viewed and can be featured on your website for quick reference. Ebooks. The ebooks aimed at BOFU, that is, with more details about your products and the benefits of your company, also help the lead in the purchase decision. Product demo. Few actions can be more effective than demonstrating your product for free to make a sale. Feeling that they have the product, in addition to being able to try it and clarify the last doubts,

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