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It Groups Together All The Content


Created by users that has an impact on the brand’s online reputation. They can be voluntary mentions, interviews, reviews or links from another website with a higher online reputation. It should be noted that these assets are not always produced for commercial purposes, although brands can use them to their advantage. Know the importance of digital assets for your business Another classification is according to the utility and the way to get a return on the digital asset in question: Assets with a fixed market price

These are assets that, when marketed, have an established value towards the general public. Assets without a fixed market price : On the other hand, in this case, we find assets that value and that may or Cayman islands whatsapp number list a timely manner. Technologically outdated assets: These types of assets must be continuously updated so as not to become obsolete and to useful in the future. Assets without technological gap : These are those assets that do not need any updating because they are as unique pieces

That Either Update Or Modifie

or, if they can be, in a minimal way. Examples of digital assets Cryptocurrencies : It is that group of currencies that exist digitally. They usually have an established price range and do not have a need for constant updating, with some exceptions. Therefore, they are by the technological gap in the short and medium term. Video games : It is a digital asset with a market price and a technological gap, since a video game is forever, but rather a new one is. Album of a rock group: Music or physically or digitally.


In both ways, you end up listening to practically the same result, only the way of storage and reproduction changes (the same thing happens in movies and series). They can therefore be a digital asset with a fixed price with hardly any technological gap, beyond the supported formats. Economic management software : A computer program of this type usually has a fixed price and has the risk of a constant technological gap, since it must meet the continuous demands of users.

Digital Artistic Piece

In this case, we refer to a digital asset that, being a unique. And unrepeatable piece, has a value that has not yet and that can fluctuate with some ease. In addition, it does not have the problem of technological gap since. Being a unique and artistic asset, it does not have this need. With these examples, it is possible to cover practically the entire spectrum of digital assets. That we can find, although, as in all fields, this will grow as new technologies emerge.

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