Israel Says She Loves You to Beatles McCartney

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Israel Says She Loves You to Beatles McCartney

Life is certainly a magical mystery tour. And for those folks who sleep in Israel, the long and winding road just became a touch more scenic. With the surprise announcement by Beatles singer and composer Sir McCartney that he are going to be performing in Tel Aviv next month, the Jewish nation has taken a smiling leap back 40 years in time.From car Lebanon phone number list radios, open market CD players and inside elegant, modern stores, the warm, loving, magical and mythical  blends of Beatles music permeate every city and city in Israel. From Metulla, Haifa and Katzrin within the North, to Hadera, Ra’anana, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to Ashkelon, Ashdod, Rehovot, Dimona and Eilat within the south one can hear the sweet voices Paul, John, Ringo and George.

A host of Web 2.0 Facebook and MySpace groups with variety of YouTube videos are created to celebrate and promote Sir Paul McCartney’s historic visit to the Palestine .In January, Israel ambassador to Britain, Ron Prosor, handed a letter of apology to Julia Baird, sister of the late Lennon , apologizing for a ban that Israel had placed on the Beatles back in 1965.

The story begins back 43 years ago when the Beatles were invited to perform in Israel with a concert which never happened . At the time Israel officials cited financial problems, but it had been quite money that kept the Beatles away. Official permission required to withdraw precious foreign currency to pay the Beatles was denied because a ministerial committee feared the corrupting influence of 4 long-haired Englishmen.

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The Israel committee report put it: “The Beatles have an insufficient artistic level and can’t increase the spiritual and cultural lifetime of the youth in Israel.”
Sounds like this Israel committee was smoking stronger stuff than anything the Beatles may have experienced with Lucy within the Sky with Diamonds. The Israel politicians believed that The Beatles would corrupt innocent Israeli youth. But was it really naive Israel politicians?

Criticism over the cancellation was directed at former Israel Education Ministry Director-General Yaakov Schneider, whose ministry was b2c phone list required to approve the performance of foreign bands in Israel.In a page one story within the newspaper Harare, former Minister of Education and Environment Yossi Sarid stated that real explanation for the cancellation was thanks to a rivalry between two promoters in Israel. One had been offered a Beatles concert in 1962, before their star had risen, by Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, and had turned them down. When a competitor booked them three years later, the primary promoter used his government connections to stay the needed money from being disbursed.

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