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Involved in Creating and Improving

Has an impact on what we do and how we do it. I think leaders would do well to continue to play a Nigeria Phone Number List exemplary role, even in their physical absence. For example, by ‘being’ there or not, by saying A and doing B. By paying attention or not, et cetera. – Annet Scheringa (storytelling expert) Trend 4. Listen and make lines Residents no longer accept that politicians only visit when elections are approaching.

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And the same goes for companies that only come into the picture when they have something to sell. Whether it is a policy, a service, or a product, constant contact is important. The desire to be seen and treated as a human being is more important than ever. High tech needs high touch. The more our lives are made up of screens, the greater the desire for human connection.

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This leads to an even greater need for stories. Many governments struggle with the question of how to enter into and maintain a dialogue with the stakeholders for which they develop laws and regulations, as well as help and support. And stories play a role in that conversation. They have discovered that story power offers more space to start the conversation.

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