Interviews with successful people – Daniel Candy – producer, DJ and label owner

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Interviews with successful people – Daniel Candy – producer, DJ and label owner

One of the first songs I heard from Daniel Candy was “Make Me Believe” and I was blown away when it came out. Even though this song is more than five years old, it is still one of my favorite songs. Since then, I’ve heard of many other productions and remixes by Daniel.

What sets it apart is not that it has been in production for many years, but that the production is always of high quality. Earlier this year Daniel released his first vocal song “Change the World”. This song not only has its own production style, but Cayman Islands phone number list also has great singing. However, this is not the only one for Daniel this year. He also produced a song with Jack Rowan called “Arigatou” which was very different from other productions.

I first contacted Daniel in December for an interview, but since he lives in Denmark and DJs all over the world, it took me a while to catch him.


In recent years, very few Danish musicians have influenced the world of electronic dance as much as Daniel Kandy.

Already established as a leading name on the trans world scene, Daniel has been at the top of his game for years and is responsible for some of the most memorable releases in his memory recently such as “Breathe,” “Change the World” Symphony “and” Family. ” Trance “and he lit the world with his shocking stadium performances.

As one of the hand-picked artists personally selected by Armin van Bourden to play the A State of Trance 400, 450, 500, and 550 parties, Daniel has also participated in the world’s biggest events, such as events such as Trance Energy, Global Gathering, and Landing Tomorrow. Hailing from Denmark, Daniel returns around the world playing the biggest club shows from Pacha, Buenos Aires to the Ministry of Sound in London and in leading cities such as Sydney, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Moscow, Singapore and Rio de Janeiro Janine and everywhere. among consecutive participation in DJ Magazine’s “Top 100 DJs” survey.

Daniel is more than just a DJ. As a leading artist from world-renowned labels such as Downbeats, Armada and Enhanced as well as his b2c phone list own improver Always Alive, he is highly represented in acclaimed shows such as A State Of Trance and Group Therapy and is an absolute fan favorite of listeners showing future favorites / recordings. this week with the honor to his name. Not to mention he’s the star of his own radio show, Always Alive, a showcase of recently discovered talent. Daniel’s production doesn’t just dominate Airwaves as you’d be under a lot of pressure to see the best download graphics missing from his stunning production.

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