Interview with Vincent Panettiere, author of The Illusion of Internet Financing

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Interview with Vincent Panettiere, author of The Illusion of Internet Financing

In 1999 Vincent Pantyliner sought to fund his film production company. Over two hundred potential customers, and a few months later he accidentally embarked on a life-consuming internet adventure. He is here to tell us about this adventure and warn others not to make the same mistakes he did.

Tyler: Welcome Vincent. I would love to talk to you about why you think the internet is a funding illusion. We hear a lot about how people Benin phone number list can make big money online. Do you think people can make money online?

Vincent: I think we need to differentiate between making money and raising money online. Lots and lots of people and companies – Amazon, eBay, newsletters, Navajo jeweler manufacturers – the list is endless – are making money online. However, if we consider raising a mutual fund to develop or expand the business – in my experience – due to the limited experience of separate groups and a specific time and place, I know anyone who has funds on the internet to develop or expand the business has accumulated business expansion. .

Tyler: Vincent, why is the internet giving the wrong impression about funding opportunities? If you’re looking for funding, how can you legally try it first?

Vincent: I don’t think that’s a wrong understanding. The Internet creates attractive and unconventional modern alternatives. This appeals to nonconformists who believe that they are not only up to date with new technologies but also with new ways of communication. Obviously, the traditional way to get funds is through bank loans, investors, relatives, etc.

Tyler: In your case, you are trying to raise funds for your film. Why are you looking for online financing?

Vincent: I want independence and I feel that this can only be achieved by non-traditional means. I still believe that. My company resume has been added to the list of various online brokers. The first quote I received required an advance payment. As a literary and sports agent, I earned commissions for ten years after I signed contracts with clients – not before. I have rejected all proposals for an advance payment.

Tyler: In The Illusion of Internet Financing, you provide two prime examples of how you were cheated with almost no money when you really b2c phone list wanted to fund your film. First, tell us about your participation in West Africa. How do you get in touch with them?

Vincent: I received an email from a woman in Sierra Leon (at least I think so. Since we never spoke, I can’t be sure). He heard about my company through a broker and wanted to invest. At the end of the promotion period, I had to bring $ 8,000 into the UK to pay a “courier fee” for the transfer. Then someone from Ivory Coast contacted me and the dance started again with the same result. I never paid a penny.

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