Instagram Launches New Metrics to Better Understand

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Instagram Launches New Metrics to Better Understand

The consumption of content through digital media has grown rapidly in the last year. In this way , social networks have become a means for content creators with which to monetize their passion and live from it. This has generated in the platforms the need to create more appropriate tools so that creators can measure the performance of their campaigns. In this way, creators can control different aspects such as the reach and engagement on their posts. In this order of ideas, instagram has developed insights, a set of tools for a better understanding of the different products on the platform. Instagram expands its creator tools to its reels and lives features the social network announced this past sunday on its blog the creation of a new tool aimed at two of its most recent products, reels and lives .

Both products have gained great importance for the different creators and businesses that make a living within the platforms. This in relation to the rise of social ecommerce that has been especially driven by video marketing, which we talked about a few days ago . In the case of reels, the tool will show the most common metrics, such as the brazil phone number sms of likes , comments and times a publication has been shared . Likewise, it will also offer an approach on the reproductions that the reel has had and the scope presented with respect to the number of users. This short video format has presented very good results for its original application tik tok , which is listed as the leader in asian social commerce. On the other hand, in the case of the lives.

Instagram Expands Its Creator Tools to

The new tool will show figures on the comments received and the times the content. This will allow users to measure the engagement level of their live videos more efficiently. It will also provide metrics on the number of users reached and peak viewership of the live video . This type of information about the publications made will allow businesses and creators to develop more efficient and better targeted campaigns or strategies. Also creating greater awareness of the importance that these contents may have to boost the user’s profile or business. Along with these additions, instagram will also bring more detailed information about the reach of the posts to the metrics displayed in the account.


Thus, creators will be able to better understand what type of users their content is reaching; and what are the contents with greater acceptance by the community. Instagram will expand the availability of insights to its different. Platforms these tools are initially available to creators from the Instagram mobile app. However, in the announcement, the social network team has shown. That these tools will start from their version for computers. This will offer greater comfort and management flexibility for those users who make business life within the social network.

Instagram Will Expand the Availability of Insights

They also stated that within the next few months they will be updating. The estimated time for the insights metrics sample, beyond the 7 or 30 days currently available . These updates to the catalog of tools suggest future growth for the business ecosystem within the platform. One that will allow creators to boost their businesses. By better managing their campaigns and publishing strategies. Just as they lay out in the publication. “we understand that insight is critical. Resource for creators and businesses looking to grow their audience and engage their followers. We will continually update the insights experience throughout 2021 and beyond to better meet the needs of creators and businesses.”

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