Index Coverage: Google Announces Data Update in Search Console!

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Index Coverage: Google Announces Data Update in Search Console!

Between July 14 and August Google announced that it had updated the way data related to the. Index coverage report available new version of is retrieved. Index coverage report search console If this update may result in a significant fluctuation of data between before and after the update. Google indicates that this is an improvement and update that has no impact in search results. The data is now more accurate and correct.

Here is Google’s official comment on this: “The index coverage report has moved to a new, more accurate system. As a result, you may see changes in the  search fax numbers uk Coverage report. If so  this does not reflect any changes to your site as the counting system is now more accurate. Google also indicates no data related to the index coverage report was collected as a result of this migration.

Reminder on the New Index Coverage Report:

Cover index search console Launched in 2017 for those who are not yet familiar with the new Search.  Console and its few available reports the Index Coverage report is very useful because it allows any SEO or webmaster to identify a few clicks: 4xx errors (404 mainly) 5xx errors (server related) URLs blocked by Robots.txt but indexed URLs excluded from indexing Valid URLs Launched last year,


New search console replacing the old Indexing Status report besides showing URLs that aren’t right. This report gives webmasters instructions on how to fix the issues and allows them to mark an issue as Fixed for re-examination by Google’s bot. Another big plus of this new report, it is possible to filter this report by sitemap.

The Index Coverage Report Has Been Rolled Out to the

Thus if you have sent several sitemaps of your site by category or type of page for example. You will be able to analyze more finely the data directly attached to a sitemap only. Google and based on data from August 1 , 2018 . Google has just unveiled a brand new content format: stories. Here is everything you need to know about this new content format already tested by a few publishers in the united states. Summary stories are a new format of  content  each publisher can now create to provide Internet users with a new type of immersive and interactive content accessible directly from Google search results .

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