In the Passing of a Brick – The GVN Story

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In the Passing of a Brick – The GVN Story

The first image within the photograph to emerge was the ghost of figures, pale outlines on glossy paper, developed during a dark lab among many other snapshots of birthdays and couples beaming ahead of scenic landmarks and babies taking first steps. Plunged into its chemical bath then saved from drowning, the photograph was pulled Honduras phone number list out dripping, sort of a wet laundered sock, and hung to dry.

And in its chromatic, magic way, the ghosts became alive: eyes to see in to, lips that curl a hungry happiness, hands that are almost, but almost , moving. A photograph to prove an existence.

Perhaps it had been the gingered hair of the young boys that made the photograph unforgettable. Or the rounded stomachs that belied nourished bodies. Or the garments , worn day after day, that stretched ripped across torsos and framed startlingly snap-thin legs.

Whatever it had been , Colin Salisbury, pictured then because the blond-haired 18-year-old in flip flops surrounded by five Papua New Guinean youth, was never ready to shake the way his thumbs-up to the camera promised a future where everything was getting to be okay.

Fifteen years later, the photograph is hanging in Colin’s office, and when he’s asked how he got into the business of individuals helping people, he points thereto just like the photograph with its quiet and sustained birth, so, too, was Colin’s idea for the worldwide Volunteer Network (GVN).

Of the six weeks he spent in Papua New Guinea , Colin says, “For a young guy from New Zealand, it had quite impact.”

Such an impression , in fact, that GVN, a non-governmental organization born out of a compassion for folks that gripped Colin like an island vine, is connecting volunteers with communities in need all round the globe to deliver on his wordless promise all those years ago.

Although Colin had been fascinated with finding an answer for the poverty he had witnessed during his travels subsequent decade after his first overseas experience, it wasn’t until he took a visit to Ghana in 1998 that he had his epiphany.

Colin, who features a academic degree in International Development, was working for WorldVision doing a literacy study in Ghana when he made an alarming discovery. Schools, lacking books and teaching materials, were also lacking the foremost precious resource: teachers. during a majority of classes, teachers, underpaid and overburdened, were outnumbered by a ratio of 150 to 200 students to 2 teachers. Colin was compelled to go away the trip with quite just empty promises.”Long term, it’s obvious we’d like to coach more b2c phone list teachers,” Colin said. “But within the short term, these kids would really enjoy an education now. International people coming in to assist fill those teaching gaps appeared like subsequent step. So that’s once I went, ‘Wow, there’s actually a true need for volunteers.'”Upon returning home, Colin continued working his full-time job while, with the assistance of his wife, Jo Salisbury, began laying the foundations for GVN during everyone else’s hour .

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