In Addition Little Agitation Has Been Observed on the Main

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In Addition Little Agitation Has Been Observed on the Main

French SEO forums and specialized groups, so it may be that. France is not part of the ongoing tests on the Google side . If you think you have been impacted, do not hesitate to share your testimony with us in the comments Google Penguin 4.0: a deployment date. If Google has not officially commented on this information, a Tweet from Garry Illyes indicated that the latter had still not seen the first tests passed before the new. Google Penguin went into production. Garry Illyes is not responsible for Google’s algorithm updates however. So it may well be that Google-side testing is currently underway. The final deployment of this new Google Penguin update should therefore .

It is very likely that it will be deployed in the coming weeks during Q1 2016 . As a reminder Google now wants the Google Penguin algorithm to be able to analyze and update its results in real time .The pages of a site that switch to HTTPS will thus be considered exactly as Iceland WhatsApp Number List HTTP version , without loss of authority, even if no redirects are in place. Many webmasters worry about losing popularity and linkjuice when switching a site from HTTP to HTTPS . John Mueller recently confirmed on Google Plus that there were no losses when switching to. HTTPS even if this HTTPS site has no backlinks and the HTTP version does not automatically redirect to the HTTPS version.

John Mueller Https in Other Words, Google Is Able

To detect duplicate content between the HTTP and HTTPS version. It will then consider the HTTPS version as the most relevant and upload it to. Google at least in the same place as the non-HTTPS version before, even if this version does not have any links in itself. John google https John Mueller also confirmed that it was not necessary and useful to indicate to. Google the passage to HTTPS via Search Console (even if no functionality allows it for the moment in all cases). If the redirects from the HTTP version to the HTTPS version are correctly in place.

Google will be perfectly able to understand that the website has switched to HTTPS and that it will therefore have to take into account the backlinks from the HTTP version to rank the website in its natural results (in addition to on-site SEO positioning factors ). This principle is quite similar with the mobile versions which are carried out on subdomains. In this specific case, Google is able to detect using a rel=alternate and rel=canonical tag that the mobile version is not a duplicate of the desktop version.

When It Manages the Mobile Results,

It will then bring up the mobile version located on a subdomain. At the same location. As the desktop version on a desktop request even though this subdomain has no incoming links external. If you still hesitate to switch to. Hesitate again, don’t start too quickly and take the time to analyze all the possible consequences of such a switch. Also Many webmasters wonder if adding capital letters or an underscore in URLs can be harmful to their SEO or not, here is the answer. Summary : Underscore in the URL, what SEO impact. It is commonly accepted in SEO that you should not put underscore (key 8 on your qwerty keyboard) in your.

URLs because it is bad for SEO, but do you really know why. Google url recommendation If Google recommends in its official guidelines on the construction. Of URLs not to put an underscore but to replace it with a dash (key 6 on the qwerty keyboard.  It is above all because Google Bot does not understand the underscore and thus brings the words together when they are separated by this parameter. To make it clearer, let’s take an example. understood Google as. Impact Underscore SEO” A URL written like interpreted.

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