If The Planned Objectives

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If The Planned Objectives


Have really been. If not, Contact usIf you have a brand, it is clear that one of your goals is to reach the public and get them to convert on your website or app. Thanks to techniques such as sending push notifications, they help you with this. The main objective of this strategy is to capture the user’s attention, so it is perfect to connect with him. Push notifications serve to notify the user, for example, that everything on your website is reduced by 20%, of a new launch, or simply that you have a message.

There are many examples that you see every day of this type of instant messaging, whose purpose is a reminder. But beware of Spam, if it is used in excess it can cause the opposite effect and make the user  and delete your application or leave your web page. You have to India whatsapp number list  the customer to perform an action and for this you have to first get their attention. A notification that there is a discount in your store for a limited time will have an increase in CTR , since the user, out of curiosity and interest,

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And it is much more likely that it will take action on your business. Because creating urgency is a trick that works, limited and exclusive campaigns are campaigns that increase click-through rate. Sending these messages is perfect in specific campaigns, such as Black Friday, Christmas or special days, such as Mother’s Day. Take advantage of the increase in mobile phone use to use this technology in your apps. Segmenting your users would be another way to improve your conversion rate.

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Do  send the same notifications to all your clients, because not all of them are in the same thing. You are more likely to click on the notification if the user is in what you offer. For example, if you have a sports fashion store and an important race is in a city soon. Send a notification segmenting your customers by their location and tastes. If you send it to a user who lives in another city. And whose sport he practices is swimming, he will not open

The Notification Because He Is Intereste

Finally, we recommend using more visual elements, such as an image or emojis. If your idea is to promote a new product, adding an image to your notification increases the chances that users will click, it has a higher click rate than those that only contain text. The same goes for the use of emojis, they are an easy way to highlight a text and draw the user’s attention. But be careful, like everything in this life, in excess it can tire, and make sure that these emojis are related to your message, do not use them at random.

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