If Google Does Not Officially Lose with These Redirects as Long as Each

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If Google Does Not Officially Lose with These Redirects as Long as Each

.Redirect redirects to an equivalent page on the new site! So be sure to check all your redirects before putting the new site online. Optimize the crawl Optimizing the crawl means optimizing the discovery of the pages by the robots which crawl and index the sites in their respective search engines. It is therefore recommended to create a sitemap, or sitemap that is often found at the bottom of sites or in robots.txt. The sitemap will group together all the URLs of all the pages of the site in question and will facilitate the work of indexing robots. In addition, it is possible to prohibit access to certain pages, in particular those containing and receiving secure information, by inserting them into this same robots.txt file.

Security & transition to HTTPS The redesign of its site can also be an opportunity to switch to HTTPS. A secure protocol recommended recently favored in its rankings. This passage is recommended, whether you redo your site or not. And then requires performing 301 redirects on all your pages to switch them each to HTTPS. https results The number of results from secure Belgium WhatsApp Number List in the SERPs has continued to increase since Google declared that it favors them (Source Mozcast) Redesigning a site requires a lot of work but can be beneficial for its future, especially in terms of traffic… provided you orchestrate it well so as not to lose any of your SEO skills! In addition, the influence is certainly less, but an active presence on the networks plays in favor of a better referencing.

Google Is Currently Testing a New Combination

Of features in the United States that has a great chance of harming. Once again, the click-through rate of SEO results. While all commercial queries are now full of.  Adwords and Google Shopping links and position 0 is present on an ever-increasing volume of queries. Google has just launched a new product across the Atlantic that may once again have a negative impact on the rate of clicks from natural results.  On many queries related to the search for information. Able to be observed today on. Browsing in English the new feature not yet deployed in France consists of adding a. People also ask for ” section (related searches) directly below the featured snippets (position 0 ) : featured snippet novelty.


This combination of position 0 (featured snippets) with Google’s related searches feature shifts. Natural links very significantly below the fold. In the example above depending on the resolution of the screen used the Internet user. NASA link positioned 1st in SEO on the request may not be visible to the Internet user without scrolling on his part. When clicking on one of the associated searches. The Internet user can consult the featured snippet associated with this query and decide. Whether or not to click on the source link. A second link placed below the first will redirect him to the Google search associated with this query. google related searches If the functionality can be interesting for Google users,

Impacts on the Seo Ctr of the Owners

Of the sites positioned on the first page will be potentially significant. At the moment, this feature only seems to show up on long-tail queries that come in the form of questions . Google has not officially communicated on the subject, so we do not know if it intends to deploy the feature in other countries or if it wishes to generalize this combination of features on other more generic queries. In a recent study conducted by Sucuri, the company indicates that one of the main reasons for hacking is SEO SPAM! website hack patterns 2016 In a study analyzing 9,000 hacked websites,

Sucuri, a company specializing in computer security, revealed that nearly 32% of infected sites.  Although Google officially heavily penalizes Black Hat SEO practices. They are still very popular with webmasters targeting very lucrative and therefore very spammy requests (eg viagra, casino, counterfeits. Porn, etc.). Representing approximately 20% of infections in 2014. The rate of sites hacked for SEO reasons has now reached 32% (Q1 2016 figures). Concretely, sites hacked for SEO reasons include infections in various forms such as: The injection of content and links that redirect Internet users to external sites.

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