Ideal Size of End of 160 Characters on Google?

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Ideal Size of End of 160 Characters on Google?

Google has officially confirmed that it has changed the display of its search results to display more characters under the Title tag and the URL of an organic result. Is Google putting an end to the historical ideal size of 160 characters for the Meta Description? Here’s everything we know about this change. While Google has been testing longer meta descriptions since 2016 , the search engine recently confirmed that it will now be more common to see longer snippets from web pages than in the past: “We recently made a change to provide more descriptive and useful snippets, to help people better understand how pages are relevant to their searches.

This resulted in snippets becoming slightly longer, on average Google This is the official. Google comment sent to the Search Engine Land site . This can be translated as we recently made a change to provide more descriptive and useful snippets. To help users better  buy church email lists understand the relevance of pages to their searches. This resulted in snippets becoming slightly longer on average.  Google thus if the ideal size of a meta description was until now a maximum of 160 characters .Google indicated that its desire to provide Internet users with more detailed website previews would result in longer Snippets web page previews.

Meta Description For Which New Limit to Optimize It?

And therefore potentially more substantial meta descriptions. meta description characters.  Google Here is an example of a meta description of. Characters including spaces observed on the generic query marketing on In the Wikipedia example above. Google just took the first 330 characters from the page and displayed them in its snippet. Even though those characters aren’t relevant to the user at all.

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During our tests, some sites keep meta descriptions still very short based on their real meta descriptions while others display meta descriptions of up to 330 characters, spaces included, which have nothing to do with the meta descriptions filled in. in  of their pages . Meta descriptions of more than 300 characters: concrete impacts to be expected? With this update to the display of its search results, Google has thus, for certain websites, doubled the number of characters displayed at the location of the meta

Meta Descriptions of More Than Characters Concrete Impacts Expected?

Description without the latter really having control over the text displayed. Here are some possible impacts to expect: A lower CTR because the Internet user will potentially have twice as many characters to obtain the information he is looking for via the Snippet A lower CTR on the lowest search results because a result will now take up more space with a meta description of up to 4 lines. The scrolling effort required of the user will therefore now be greater.

An improved CTR on the first results because these will now have more characters to try to. Convince the Internet user to click before the latter moves on to the other natural results. Meta Description: for which new limit to optimize it. If not all results show up with or 160 meta description characters, for what character limit should you now optimize your meta descriptions. A Google search results analysis tool has tracked the size of meta descriptions. Displayed on thousands of Google queries over the past few days. On average according to the tool as of.  December 3, 2017, the average size of

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