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I Recognize This Image From Practice

Think of the title, author, language, and subject of the document. This information helps readers with disabilities. They can then find the document more easily and understand more quickly what the Ghana Phone Number List document is about. You can also use keywords in this so that the document will appear earlier in search engines such as Google. In the most recent version of Word, you’ll find this under.

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Advanced Properties. Screen in Word where document information can be found so that you can make it accessible. In InDesign, you can find this at File > File Information. Document information screen at InDesign. 2. Document Language It is important that you specify the correct document language. This allows screen readers to read the text in the correct language.

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Ghana Phone Number List

Custom. Screen for setting document language in Word, so that you make the document accessible. In InDesign, you can find this under Text > Draw. Document language setting screen in InDesign. 3. Alternative text descriptions for non-text elements Images and interactive form fields must be provided with a description or alternative text.

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