How to Optimize the Display Result on Google?

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How to Optimize the Display Result on Google?

To date still, Google has still not formalized the fact that this optimization is a test. Or a novelty deployed (or in the process of being deployed). Whether it’s one of Google’s many A/B tests or not, it’s clear that a good number of. French-speaking and international mobile results now show “featured images. So it would be a shame not to try to optimize them as well as possible from what we know. How to get an illustration image for your mobile SEO result. Before going any further you must already ask yourself the following question Does my site sell or promote products.

If the answer is No there is no need to go further in the process because these. Images are only displayed on sites that sell or talk about products (E-commerce. Product test site, editorial sites that present, compare or test products). For example, we tested queries Canada WhatsApp Number List Japanese  hairdressing wholesaler. Paris architect” and nothing was displayed. Secondly know that the  you are positioned on Google’s mobile SEO results, the more likely you are that a featured image displayed.  If Google sometimes displays only the images of the top 2 (ex: search “ mobile phone ”), 3, or 4 (ex: search “ external battery iphone 6 ”), certain rare queries display images for all the results of the first page point lock ”).

Be Sure to Tag Your Product Images with

Prefer images in square format and with white backgrounds. Make sure that your site is sufficiently “appreciated” by Google before hoping to see these images displayed: ex: if you use the markup Aggregate Rating on some of your pages, do your stars appear in the search results ? If so, you are likely to see these images appear. If not, it may be more difficult. Finally, Google is the only master on board, you may have all the indicators green, if it decides not to display a featured image on your mobile results, you won’t be able to do much about it image a google mobile results Is it possible to choose the image displayed in.


Yes and no, it’s actually not very clear. If in the majority of cases, Google seems to bring up in its mobile search results the first image it finds in a list of products , in some cases, it is an image in the middle of the list (ex : 1st page – last mobile natural result of the search “3-point lock”). From our observations it would seem that first displaying the image of a product that we would like to have on the front page. This gives us a better chance of this image selected Google. On one site in particular, it was obvious Google would escalate the first tagged image with Product markup from Schema.

Google Mobile Search Results?

The use of this markup can therefore likely help guide Google in the choice of image, even if all the sites that have these featured images do not necessarily mark up their products with Cutts already said it in 2012 in a video published on YouTube , Google does not like unnatural links added automatically by a third party on a site, without the editor really having the choice and not being able to modify it. If one could think that algorithmic filters like Google Penguin would be enough to put an end to these practices by penalizing the sites at the origin of these widgets, the fact that Google took the trouble to write an article about it in 2016 proves that their algorithms are still not perfectly able to fight against this practice which however does not date from yesterday.

However, in this last article, Google clearly announces that manual actions.  Dofollow links hard-coded inside the widget without that the webmaster integrating it cannot delete it or switch it to nofollow. Summary Examples of widgets that do not comply with Google’s quality guidelines google penalization widgets. Do you create widgets? What are SEO best practices? For widget creators. The rule is quite simple Google does not want you to embed hard backlinks to your website on dofollow-optimized anchors. These links that manipulate Google’s PageRank not having placed naturally a website, Google considers them as artificial links contrary to its quality guidelines.

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