How to Get Out of a Google Panda Penalty in 4 Steps?

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How to Get Out of a Google Panda Penalty in 4 Steps?

Google Panda is the name given to a Google algorithmic filter launched for the first time in. February 2011 and penalizing sites with poor content thin content. Duplicate content and more broadly content considered Google to be of low quality. Google Panda penalty: deleting content is not a solution to consider according to Gary. While many SEOs in the past have recommended that their clients remove poor or. Low-quality content from their sites to get out of a Google Panda penalty.

Google through Gary Illyes said at the last SMX East of New York (2017) that this technique has never been. Recommended by Google to remove alphabroder headquarters address  a site from the Google Panda filter ( he already indicated this in 2015 )! Getting out of a Google Panda penalty: how to do it concretely? While neither the search engine nor one of its representatives will tell you clearly what you need to do to get out of a Google Panda penalty , some remarks and comments may direct us to what Google recommends.

Group Several Similar Contents Into One and the

Here is a summary of the practices recommended directly or indirectly by Google to get out of the. Panda algorithmic filter deployed in real time on the most used search engine in France and in the world. Identify the pages targeted by the Google Panda filter What is poor or low quality content for Google. Duplicate content on multiple pages internally. Duplicate content with other websites A page with less than 100 words of useful and unique content.


Before taking action, the most important step to getting out of a Panda penalty is to identify the pages potentially impacted by Google Panda . To do this, you can first analyze the evolution of traffic on your pages and check the evolutions at the time of updates related to Google Panda . Then you can use crawlers that automatically analyze page content like Botify (paid) and Oncrawl (paid). These will automatically send you all the pages with poor content and all the pages with content in near-duplicate or total internal duplicate (they allow you to do exports, it’s very very practical).

4- Write New Quality Content With the Main Objective of

If you don’t have a budget and your site can be analyzed by hand you can use a tool like. to analyze the word count page by page the latter will tell you the. Number of words in your page and will provide you with information on the number of occurrences of each keyword present in the page. To detect if your content is similar or duplicated on the web. nothing beats a quick search of a paragraph in quotes in Google if you don’t have the budget for a dedicated tool like.

Improve and enrich content considered poor near duplicate or low quality Once the analysis is. Done and your list of risky pages extracted you can start taking action.  If Google does not recommend deleting poor or thin content it strongly recommends that webmasters.  And SEOs update and enrich this type of content so that they offer a better quality user experience. And much more effective content for SEO on search engines Group several similar. Contents into one and the same richer content Having two close pages targeting two variants of similar. Queries is clearly not a good practice in 2017.

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