How to Do Local Seo in 2019?

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How to Do Local Seo in 2019?

SEO best practices also apply locally! To develop relationships between merchants and Internet users, Google, Bing and even Yahoo are giving more and more importance to on and off-site optimizations. Today, nearly 80% of consumers say they get information online before going to a store or making a reservation at a restaurant. Hence the importance for many establishments to pay particular attention to their local referencing. Summary : Take care of on-site optimizations As Junto’s complete guide explains , the basis of good SEO is a well-designed website designed for the user. This involves, on the one hand, carrying out technical optimizations (non-exhaustive list): Optimized markup (title, meta description, h2, h3, etc.) Regularly updated sitemap file Website performance (loading speed, image weight, scripts, etc.) Responsive website (mobile friendly) Security (HTTPs) It can also be very interesting to integrate structured data (also called “microformats”).

By showing, in particular, even more detailed information (rich snippets or “ enriched extracts ”) which specify the content of a page. On the other hand, it is necessary to produce quality content and improve semantics. The ideal is to focus on a limited number of keywords (no over-optimization). The latter must be the subject of relevant analyzes integrating in particular geographical database of architects Optimize your GMB profile (Google My Business) Google’s service specifically dedicated to professionals and business leaders presents a tremendous opportunity to develop its visibility at the local level and stand out from its competitors. With Google Maps, it allows establishments to appear in geolocated searches. To do this, you must first claim your page through an identification process that allows you to verify the good ownership of the establishment.

Once Created the Google My Business

File completed with essential data precise description, categories of activity, contact details. Photos… and can be even more detailed with information such as opening hours. Type accepted payment, product/service information, etc. The objective is to provide as many relevant elements as possible. When optimized, the Google My Business listing makes it possible to obtain significant visibility in its catchment area . Consumer reviews and questions/answers are also part of Google’s tool. The fact of answering and moderating these opinions contributes to the good referencing of the establishment. By doing so, users feel valued because their opinion is heard and taken into account. A large number of reviews will also encourage other users to do the same. A chat feature directly linked to the Google My Business account would also be under development. In summary: communicating daily via Google My Business is an excellent performance lever for local SEO.

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Think (also) about off-site optimizations When it comes to local SEO , off-site optimizations abound. Online directories such as Trip Advisor , Yellow Pages or Yelp are all opportunities to create more visibility and interactions with users. Once again, it is important to take care of your different “files” by using identical NAP (Name, Address, Phone) on all platforms and updating them when necessary. Ensuring their consistency allows Google to display them correctly on its search pages. We also think of “local” directories : websites of the tourist office of the area concerned, town hall, chamber of commerce and industry… Being well referenced on these sites is a guarantee of quality and reassures Internet users. It is also the opportunity to acquire interesting backlinks (external links) for the website of your establishment. Other levers activated such as sponsorship or partnership with local bloggers and/or influencers .

Finally Social Networks Should Be Used to Create

A dialogue with the community and offer content different from the website. They make it possible both to generate interactions, to federate around values ​​specific to the company and to create a feeling of belonging. Developing a strong presence there has become an essential element of any digital strategy. To succeed in its local SEO strategy in 2019 , it will again be necessary to focus on the quality of the content offered and the optimization of its presence on the various platforms mentioned. Today, 85% of Internet users have already looked for a nearby establishment on search engines . This shows the importance of good local visibility! Especially since proximity requests clearly express a purchase intention.

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