How to Analyze Local Seo Results on Google?

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How to Analyze Local Seo Results on Google?

Since a recent update to Google’s search interface. You can no longer change your location to discover local SEO and paid results for any city in France or around the world. How can you go about analyzing this data in 2016 despite this engine update. Luckily for us, there is still a way to find out exactly what SEO and. SEA results look like on Google in any geographic location (in France or abroad). Note also that if they do not really do the same job. Many positioning monitoring tools now offer the possibility of calculating the local SEO positioning of queries. Which can be complementary and is already very useful for many SEOs.

Why do you need to preview local Google results in SEO or SEA. Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s dwell a little on the usefulness of changing your. Geographical position during a search on Google when you are a web professional. Being able to preview Google’s natural and paid results in a specific city can have many uses including. To analyze the real competition of a local India WhatsApp Number List query in a city where we are not currently located. To be able to follow the improvements following a local SEO work after having. Optimized the various local SEO positioning factors . To ensure that a company based in different cities is displayed in the Google Maps results of all its locations. To be able to analyze local competition on Google and Google Shopping ads on particular queries and in many different cities.

And Many Others… for Non-Professional Users,

The loss of this Google feature has very little impact. But the solution we are going to present to you is accessible to everyone without a Google Adwords or Google account . Anyone will therefore be able to search for information virtually from the city of their choice. Google Ad Preview: a tool to preview results on any query and from any location. Google ad preview While SEOs are used to working with the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. The Google Adwords platform also provides a very useful tool accessible this time without an account and without the need to log in: Google Ad Preview .


The Ad Preview tool, as the name suggests allows you to preview results on queries to find out how Google. Adwords and Google Shopping ads appear. If the tool was created with the aim of previewing paid results in any city or country. It is also possible to use it to consult the evolution of local SEO results on specific queries from anywhere . what place. To test the Ad Preview tool simply go to this address Just want to change the language for Google results. It can also modified directly from the Google search engine at this address.

Recent Days, Many Webmasters Have Been

Surprised significant fluctuations on their websites. Could this the arrival long awaited  feared by SEOs. Barry Schwartz’s Search Engine Roundtable site identified a lot of feedback. For some the sites positively impacted are websites that had previously penalized a previous. Google Penguin update, which would suggest that Google is currently testing its brand new Google Penguin real-time update. This same update . update that he had decided to postpone to 2016 because of the 2015 end-of-year holidays.

Summary  indicators that panic in the United States not in France. The indicators seem to have panicked the most on Friday January 8, 2016 with a return to normal in recent days. Here are the results on two sites that measure Google’s natural results bustle. A Mozcast near 90 is not common , it could translate from some recent tests done by Google. algoroo january 2016. The other Algoroo website panicked on January 10, 2016. Serpometer January 2016 On the French side, the Ranks serpometer was rather stable with a very slight peak at 5 on January 10th.

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