How Marketing Can Save the Sports

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How Marketing Can Save the Sports

The social and hygiene measures that will be established throughout the de-escalation will be a limitation for hundreds of activities. If we stop thinking that this will return to normality the day they let the sports facilities reopen or the moment they let us go out on the street, it can lead to the disappearance of many sports players. Good analysis by marketing departments will enable sports professionals to adapt their services to the real needs of users. Now more than ever, we must put the user at the center of the strategy. It is useless to say it if it is not implemented. Whoever does not do so will fall behind their competition and therefore lose market share.

This month and the next will be key to establishing the new strategy that will define the new direction to take, where new assets and communications according to our public will have to be created. Adapting is now more than ever key in this crisis. We are in the discount phase for de-escalation and for the long-awaited deconfinement. All the Uganda WhatsApp Number List that we manage to break together with the user by creating new routines and ways of consuming services or products in these weeks will be key to maintaining them in the future. The era of esports, in figures: a sector of 1,000 million euros that grows as an alternative to traditional sport sports marketing.

New Technologies for the New Sport

More necessary than ever one of the latest market studies that have been carried out in collaboration with different sports facilities shows that 50% of users will not set foot in their sports center again on the first day of reopening. If we stay with the percentage that says that they will return, we do not know if within it there is part of the population at risk that may later be unconfined and with greater movement restrictions. This study should serve as a starting point to put marketing teams to work on obtaining as much data as possible. Based on them, assets can be developed that allow an alternative to being given to that percentage of users who do not plan to return to the gym out of fear or due to capacity restrictions in their usual hours.


Whoever adapts their offer to the real needs of the user will be. The one who manages to keep their clients active and attract clients from other entities. That has not managed to adapt to the new scenario. Putting the user at the center of the strategy is as simple. Or as complex, as starting by asking them, taking them into account. And finding a solution for each type of client. Let’s stop thinking that we know what the user wants. Or that we know how they are going to act after the lack of confidence. Those who do not listen, do not ask. Or do not adapt their services to the situation and the of their clients will surely very damaged. Installations with fixed costs will have to bear with fewer installments if they cannot readapt their assets.

What does Will happen in the Future for Athletes?

It will be the cause of the closure of many of them. New quotas, new services, new spaces, and new digital tools were activities. Carried out created in the coming months by those who manage to resist. New technologies for the new sports technology will once again be our ally. In minimizing the negative impact of the crisis. From applications to find out in real-time how much capacity a gym has. And thus optimize the maximum capacity allowed and the center’s open hours. To applications embedded or not within the same app. Allow the purchase of training sessions, activities or classes, without the need for a fee.

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