How do I travel the world for free as an emigrant

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How do I travel the world for free as an emigrant

I became an expat after suffering a serious back injury which resulted in me losing my job in England. When I recovered from my illness, my wife and I spent all of our savings trying to get it into a serious financial situation.

I decided the best way to bounce back was to find work overseas. I made this decision as I know it from my previous job abroad. I can make more money than in England.After I fully recovered, I sent my resume to a company that handled foreign Oman phone number list  contracts. Fortunately, this resulted in a one-year project manager contract in Saudi Arabia.I first worked in Riyadh, where I lived in a paid apartment, while later I moved to Jeddah. Here the company pays me to live in the camp with all the food. Unfortunately, the company fired me for lack of work after spending 7 months in Saudi Arabia. Then I returned to England.However, for that short time, I was able to pay off all our debts and buy a new car to earn some money. This would not be possible if I worked in England and not abroad.Shortly after returning to the UK, I contacted a company doing business in Oman. After the interview, I was offered a 4 month contract as a carpenter, which I accepted.While working in Oman, the company paid me to stay and eat at a 5-star hotel. Over the weekend,

we and some colleagues moved from work to a beautiful long sandy beach.Behind the beach are large sand dunes that are used for what is called dune bashing. Here the drivers try to drive their jeep to the sand dunes. When I first experienced this activity, I thought the driver was crazy. But dune bashing seems to be a very popular activity.A week after I finished my contract in Qatar and returned to England, my old boss from Saudi Arabia contacted me. He offered me a contract to work at the palace of the Sultan of Brunei in Brunei. His calling brought about a complete change for me. I left work in the desert; working in the forest.A few weeks later I flew to Brunei. Initially I was staying in a hotel in the city with some b2c phone list of my colleagues. However, a few weeks later, we all moved from our hotel to the state camp, which was set on a large flat meadow in the forest. Accommodation at the camp consists of a large number of porta cabins. I stayed in one of them, which I found very comfortable.

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