Here’s why sites with fake/spammy links can rank on Google

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Here’s why sites with fake/spammy links can rank on Google

In a recent hangout, John Mueller explained how some sites with over-optimized or spammy links manage to rank. Well on Google. During your competitive analyses.  you must have already come across the case of a site which, despite the numerous algorithmic updates.  And in particular that of March 2019.

John Mueller, has just answered a question from a referrer who was surprised to see a site of this type always well positioned despite the use of “border line” how to track a phone number in mexico and despite being denounced through a spam report. John Mueller: A site with negative signals can rank well if other important signals are positive
During the hangout, the SEO asked John Mueller what more he could do (than a spam report) to expose questionable practices on a site that he believed would probably deserve a manual penalty and a downgrade:

John Mueller explained how some sites with over-optimized

I reported these as suggested but is there anything else that we can do? This is really frustrating. To this, John Mueller replied that it was indeed useful to report cases of this type. To Google so that they could analyze them in more detail.


However, the webmaster trends analyst confirmed that a spam report does not necessarily result in a penalization of the site, even if the latter uses practices contrary to Google’s good practices. Indeed, this type of denunciation most often results from a human analysis of the site. In question but which does not necessarily involve manual action and a downgrading for spam.

A site with negative signals can rank well if other important

“For example, it might be that one site uses keyword stuffing in a really terrible way but actually their business is fantastic and people really love going there.  They love finding it in search and we have lots of really good signals for that site. So we might still show them at number one, even though we recognize they’re doing keyword stuffing.” –John Mueller

In this excerpt from the hangout, John Mueller seems to give a lot of importance. To signals associated with user experience and signals related to search results (click-through rate, pogosticking, pages per session, time spent on the site, etc.). According to him, positive signals from users can help a site using non-recommended. Ppractices to stay at the top of search results.

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