Here What Can Be Analyzed

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Here What Can Be Analyzed


Is all the efforts made by the company to make its product known and increase its sales to the public. Much of the analysis of this strategy is based on ROI , that is, finding out if the return on investment is being positive or not. What are the new 4Ps of the Marketing Mix? Within marketing, new variables have emerged that also complement each other. Since Inbound marketing emerges and the product ceases to be the center of the strategy, there have been changes in all marketing variables. The new four variables that we are talking about are the following: People .

With inbound marketing, the center of any strategy has become the customer. Since the most important thing in marketing is the customer’s relationship with the brand. Processes. The analysis of this Jamaica whatsapp number list includes both the structural system, as well as the creativity and discipline that exists within marketing management. Thanks to having these well-optimized variables, we will obtain multiple benefits. Programs. This includes the traditional 4Ps listed above, in addition to all the companies that focus on the consumer.

Multiple Activities Are Added

traditional or not, that have to do with the fulfillment of the company’s objectives. Performance . This variable is the one that is linked to the digital world. In other words, it focuses on collecting data that we use to design our campaigns in the best possible way. Here are all the databases and/or strategies that help us achieve the maximum return, the greatest benefit and the best impact indicators. What are the 4 ps of the marketing mix

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Evolution from the 4Ps to the 4Cs Consumer : What are your customer’s wishes? And what of his needs? In this evolution we replace the focus on the product or people to put it directly on the consumer. Cost : We substitute price and processes for cost. Because what a product or service costs is not only reflected in its price, but it is necessary to take into account all the costs from its manufacture until the product reaches the final consumer. Convenience : Convenience is the surrogate for place at the point of sale and for programs.

Because When This P Evolves

it not only stays in where the product sold, but in other aspects of the customer’s buying habits. Communication : Content marketing and social networks are key to reaching your audience and interacting with them in a digital space where they feel comfortable. Strategic marketing is the aspect of marketing focused on the medium and long term. This uses different market analysis techniques to detect opportunities that allow the company to grow and stand out in front of its consumers,

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