Here Is a Short Video This New Feature Works:

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Here Is a Short Video This New Feature Works: Product to hope to see your products displayed in this new  Similar items feature. The product sheets must be tagged with these different properties of the Product markup. Once the markup is in place don’t forget to test it using.  Google’s dedicated tool to check that everything is correctly marked up and that no errors come up. After integrating testing and validating the markup, it may take up to 1 week for information to appear in Google Images search results. The price and availability of products displayed in Google Images results google images price display correctly tagging product sheets. E-merchants can now also trace the price availability and reviews of their products from Google Images.

Another very interesting novelty for e-merchants, the price reviews and availability.  Of products can now also be displayed under the images clicked mobile users in the Google Images search results. Here again, to be able to hope to see this data uploaded to Google. Images e-merchants will have to correctly mark up their product sheets using This feature has also Bahamas WhatsApp Number List observed only on mobile, a deployment on desktop search results in the coming weeks / months has not yet confirmed. Will these new features manage to make people forget about the recentA couple of users recently spotted some weird Google mobile SERPs, one showing site URLs and breadcrumbs in front of the Pages Title and the other showing “Tags” under the URL section.

If These Displays Are Currently Only in the Test State,

The one concerning the placement of the URL also impacts Google Adwords ads as we can see on the first screenshot below: change google mobile result In this example, the single Adwords ad displays the URL as well as the label “Advertisement” in front of the Title of the ad. While this change in URL placement may seem trivial, it could however have negative impacts on the CTR of the lesser-known sites in favor of the more well-known sites. Additionally, sites with clean, short URLs could also benefit from such URL highlighting. breadcrumb mobile google In this other test, a new “Tags” section is added below the search results URL (left screenshot).


The tags displayed would be generated automatically Google they would of course. Linked to the content of the page but would not offer any possibility of clicking to the Internet user. Difficult to explain the usefulness of such a change.  Again such a change could favor well-known sites over lesser-known sites. If we do not know what the objectives of these tests are (to improve the click rate on Adwords ads. On natural links, to reduce the bounce rate

 Reduce Pogo Sticking, to Help Internet Users to

Choose the right result according to the notoriety of the site these changes are still in the test state and. Therefore not deployed before a few weeks. Months if they were to be conclusive for Google. Google My Business page managers can now view the number of times images associated with their pages viewed in the last 7, 30 or 90 days . This same new report also compares. The managed page with the average of other pages classified in the same topic. The page manager. Clearly see if their images are performing well compared to those of competitors.

photo views google my business Along with the number of views on photos added to the page, this new report also shows the number of photos added to the managed page VS the average number of photos added on other similar pages . number photos google my business This second graph also allows you to view statistics for the last 7, 30 or 90 days. To carry out its comparative analyses, Google bases itself on similar companies close to the one managed.

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