Having Just Entered Phase 2 of Their 3-Phase Plan to

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Having Just Entered Phase 2 of Their 3-Phase Plan to

Optimize ad performance in AMP, the developers working on the project have. Just announced that they have reached an important milestone in optimizing the advertising experience for users. The arrival of Fast Fetch and the development of an infrastructure dedicated to the display of advertisements created in AMP format. the 3 phases of amp ad optimization Summary . What concrete differences? Fast Fetch Google Ads As can be seen in this comparison. The  requests for the 3 advertising slots of the AMP page are made much earlier with the “Fast Fetch” method than with. Advertisements served on AMP are displayed using the “ Delayed Fetch ” technique.

Earlier in the loading of the page than with the “Delayed Fetch” method. This new technique will also make it possible not to display advertisements swiss mobile phone numbers Internet user needs them. Thus accelerating the overall loading of the AMP page. The role of this request carried out further upstream is therefore to “prepare” the display of advertisements without displaying them. The main innovation of the “Fast Fetch”. Method is therefore to split the display of advertisements into 2 stages (the call and the display). comparison fast VS. Delayed fetch Fast Fetch is significantly faster than Delayed Fetch technology,

Here Is a Comparison at Percentiles Slow to Load Ads:

The loading time of an advertisement has a big impact on all the actors in the chain for publishers. Slower loading ads = less potential revenue for advertisers. Slow ads = less visibility and limited reach despite a large budget for advertising platforms: slow to load ads = fewer impressions. Fewer clicks and therefore less revenueGoogle has just announced that it has started testing a brand new feature in its. The preview of videos directly accessible from a search results page without any action required from the Internet user. Recently, tests detected by American Internet users proved that Google was currently working on the auto-play of videos in certain search results .


In the same spirit, the search engine is currently testing a novelty linked once again to the videos displayed in its search results. The preview of the videos accessible directly from the search results  Internet user connected to. Which videos will be affected by this update and preview? Google video preview Only videos that will appear in the video carousel on the mobile version of. Google’s organic search results (via the Google apps and Google Chrome) will be affected by this new preview feature. By default, and in order consume data, this preview deactivated as soon as the Internet user connected to.

What Impact on Whom?

Google and Chrome applications for Android however modified to authorize the functionality).  What devices affected this new feature. What is the expected deployment date? This new feature will be available this week, and more widely next week. Via the Google Chrome and Google apps for Android smartphones and tablets.  While this new feature will have no direct impact on SEO , it may however have a significant impact on the click-through rate of videos in mobile search results.

If you want to follow Google’s recommendations you will therefore first have to. Write content in the different languages ​​by adapting the content as well as possible to regional specificities eg. And that spoken in Australia in particular (vocabulary, turns of phrase, etc.). This is also the case for French, the French spoken in Belgium differs slightly from that spoken in France.  Subdomain or subdirectory to create the different versions of your site Implement Google’s technical recommendations to maximize the chances that it will.

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