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Have You Ever Wondered



If there is an alternative to YouTube? Well, the answer is yes, and this is where we find Vimeo. In this article we tell you what Vimeo is, and what are the similarities and differences it has with its main competitor. What is video? Vimeo is a social network that is based on the publication of all kinds of multimedia video content. This platform was launched in 2004, and currently has about 200 million users, mostly professionals and companies, to create, share and stream videos. This social network stands out for its high-quality and high-resolution videos, in addition to not having ads at the beginning of playback.

It not only serves to consume and upload audiovisual content , it also works as a streaming service, inviting viewers to join the platform, comment on the videos and exchange ideas with other platform users. The main differentiator with other similar platforms is its quality, there is no advertising or time limit on its videos. These characteristics are what have Finland Whatsapp Number List this platform very popular among many professionals, such as: film producers, musical artists or content creators. Because of its high quality, many have chosen this medium to publicize their work.

Main Features Of Vimeo The First

and surely the one you are wondering the most: is it free? Yes, it is, but it has a Premium version. The free account does not allow access to live broadcasts, which means that the user has to pay a subscription to enter them. Besides, in this version the storage is, you cannot upload videos that exceed 500mb per week. While in the or Premium account, the weekly limit is 20gb. One of its features that users like the most is that it allows you to play and high-quality videos.

Finland Whatsapp Number List

This is the reason why it is widely used by professionals, because they their work without losing quality. There is no duration limit, added to high definition, they are an ideal combination for people who want to offer online courses through a simple platform. This social network works with an internet connection, through the browser, if you use it from a computer, or from its application for mobile phones and tablets, whether Android or iOS. But without a doubt, the feature that users like the most is that

Vimeo Does Have Intrusive Advertising

that is, you do not need to wait for the advertising to pass able to enjoy a video. Perhaps this is the reason why it is gaining more and more fans. youtube-1684601_1280 Vimeo vs. Youtube Vimeo’s main competitor is the giant YouTube, that’s why we bring you. The main differences and similarities between both social networks. Popularity . Obviously YouTube is the popular of the two as this one known globally while Vimeo. The first time you know about it.

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