Have Success on Social Media

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Have Success on Social Media

Create meaningful content. Where a year or 2 ago we mainly made slick films and perfect pictures, it is now more India Phone Number List and more about humanity. Speaker Goldie Chan gave a great example of Invisible People: an organization that gave homeless people a phone to record their day with video. And entrepreneur Diana Nguyen dances and cries in her LinkedIn videos and shows herself as a human being.

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No slick images with beautiful transitions and the most beautiful music, but raw, real, valuable images. Also read: In 3 steps to a distinctive video So make a real connection with people, instead of just sharing perfect pictures. 3. Extended Reality A very good way to create the feeling of authenticity is with XR: extended reality. From virtual reality to augmented reality and 360-degree video. Such as the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, where children with VR can play with friends in a playground.

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India Phone Number List

They have the feeling and experience that they are playing outside with friends, from their hospital bed. So with XR, it’s about experiencing, experiencing. Several beautiful examples were shown at VidCon, such as in sports. It is predicted that we will adopt these techniques more and more. 4. Gen Z The phrase I heard over and over: “What about Gen Z?” What about the new, young generation? To summarize it briefly.

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