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Have Probably Many Websites

We have quickly noticed this exceptional year how dependent we have become on technology. But also what great possibilities it all offers. From WhatsApp bots that tell you when it is quiet in the Kazakhstan Phone Number List supermarket to drones that disinfect environments and robots that deliver groceries. The corona crisis has accelerated technological transition in many areas, including the use of blockchain technology. In this article.

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I look ahead to the coming year. What awaits us in the field of blockchain? The hype is over. As I predicted, companies, startups, and non-profits have come to the market with all kinds of great, sometimes groundbreaking, products and services. Even though according to McKinsey (pdf) most use cases are not publish companies.

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competition sensitivity, according to Deloitte (pdf), 42% of companies now have at least one blockchain pilot running. According to Gartner, 30% of those pilots will be launched next year. In particular, the highly outdated legislation and regulations and the knowledge about the technology itself in many organizations currently provide the greatest brake on its rapid development and roll-out.

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