Google’s Essential Recommendations as for the Other

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Google’s Essential Recommendations as for the Other

Recommendations that don’t change, here’s a quick little summary of the full online documentation that you can find here . Check that Google is authorized to crawl the new site by analyzing the robots.txt file on your new site (check that your old “Disallow” directives are also present and up to date with the new format of your URLs if it has changed) Manage deleted pages by returning 404 or 410 codes (if the content is not reused anywhere else on the site and you therefore do not set up 301 redirects) Create a mapping of all your URLs by clearly indicating how, and to which destination, they must be redirected (valid for complicated migrations,

For a switch to HTTPS or a change of domain name extension, that’s is unnecessary). Create and save a sitemap of your old URLs (you will then need to submit it on the new site to speed up the migration process. Create a new sitemap with the new URLs and the Brazil WhatsApp Number List URL to it in your new robots.txt file Configure all 301 redirect rules between old and new URLs Update all URLs embedded in canonical. Update all internal links with new URLs to minimize the volume of 301 redirects made from internal links. Sure to add the Google Analytics audience tracking script or other on your new website Some recommendations from. Google once the site is migrated and online: Use Google’s Change Address.

Tool Available in Search Console to Tell the Engine the

URL change Submit your old AND your new sitemap in Search Console to speed up. The migration on the Google side (then follow the indexing rate of your new. URLs directly from Search Console) Check the “Crawling Errors” section of. Search Console daily and closely analyze the server logs after migration to detect any technical problems. Follow the evolution of traffic on your old site VS your new site (via Google Analytics for example. Update as many backlinks as possible with the new URLs. Updating the URL of as many backlinks as possible will help you limit the risk of losing traffic and SEO positions. Even if 301 redirects officially do not cause loss from link juice. This action must begin as soon as the site is actually migrated to the new URLs.

A drop-down menu will appear and all you have to do is scroll to click on “Statistics”. 4- The two new reports dedicated to images can be found at the bottom of this page, also grouping other interesting statistics to follow. This Passage Is Recommended, Whether You Redo Your Site or Not, and Then Requires Performing 301 Redirects on All Your Pages to Switch Them Each to Https. Https Results the Number of Results from Secure Sites in the Serps Has Continued to Increase Since Google Declared That It Favors Them (Source Mozcast) Redesigning a Site Requires a Lot of Work but Can Be Beneficial for Its Future, Especially in Terms of Traffic…

Provided You Orchestrate It Well So as Not to Lose Any of Your Seo

Skills! in Addition, the Influence Is Certainly Less an Active Presence on the Networks. Plays in Favor of a Better Referencing. Google has just announced on its official blog for webmasters that the report on the analysis of the most cited words in a site was going to disappear. Located in the  Google Index  section  the Content Keywords ” report was introduced in early versions of. Google Webmaster Tools (now called Search Console) because it was the only report that allowed a webmaster to: to identify what. Google found when it explored its website to detect if the content explored corresponded. To that of its site or if it had been the victim of a hack to know the number of total occurrences of a keyword on its website If these few

Functions are now of little use to webmasters since the arrival of new reports and new functionalities in the. Search Console allowing in particular to explore a page like Google or to consult the. Security problems” section for information on a possible piracy of its site detected .Google, the functionality of calculating the number of occurrences of keywords as it was proposed in the. Search Console was no longer useful for webmasters and SEOs . Google has therefore officially. Announced the upcoming end of this feature without specifying the precise date, so it soon.

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