Google Uses the Abbreviation Eat , Expertise,

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Google Uses the Abbreviation Eat , Expertise,

Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness to define the degree of quality of a page and a website. To go further, you can download the complete document here , even if few of you will have the courage to read the 160 pages of this PDF, this reading could help you better understand certain SEO positioning factors on Google . How to become a Google Search Quality Rater? The good news is that if you want to become a Google Search Quality Rater , you’ll have no choice but to read this guide to Google’s search quality criteria in its entirety. To apply and try to become Google Search

Quality Rater, you must try your luck from the site . You will have to pass several tests before you can hope to work indirectly for Google from home.this does not change, having recourse to manual netlinking strategies understand, strategies put in place the Slovenia whatsapp number list themselves. John Mueller’s advice: As always, John Mueller advises to focus on quality content to attract natural links , while facilitating the sharing of the link of your article using a what are the factors that can most harm. Widget on your site in particular. John Mueller also specifies that it is necessary to ensure, as far as possible, to make your URL easy to copy-paste …

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AOn the occasion of the Search Marketing Summit in Sydney, webmaster trends analyst Garry Illyes confirmed that Google would soon take into account the loading time of mobile and responsive sites as a positioning factor on its mobile results. Until now, the loading time of mobile versions did not impact the ranking of Google mobile results because the search engine only took into account the loading time of the desktop version to rank mobile results. According to Garry Illyes, this could soon change via an upcoming mobile friendly update .

If the engine has just deployed its second mobile-friendly update in May 2016. This other update could arrive within a few months, probably at the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017. Google would currently be just planning this algorithmic update. Google has always communicated a lot officially about mobile-friendly updates, so there is a good chance that if the information is confirmed in the coming months, an official publication will announce the news a few months before the arrival of the update. up to date. Beyond the improvement of the user experience, webmasters and

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Separately on the loading time of their desktop version and that of their mobile version if they. Wish to suffer the impact negative of an upcoming mobile-friendly update integrating. Loading time into its positioning factors . What tools to optimize your mobile loading time. To test the loading time of a website and get advice on how to improve it, there are 3 interesting tools. Google Page Speed ​​Insights (the one you should look into the most because it belongs to Google) Pingdom. Tools GTmetrix Mobile loading time as a positioning factor: what real impacts to expect. So far all mobile friendly updates, even the most recent one. Have gone somewhat unnoticed as the actual impacts seen have mostly been minimal. What will happen to this future update if the latter were to see the light of day.

Concretely, the more your mobile score is in the green (on PageSpeed ​​Insights. The greater the chances that your site will not be negatively impacted a future mobile-friendly update. Again even if a site has a perfectly optimized mobile load time. It won’t be enough to get a big boost in mobile results because Google takes into account many other positioning factors in its ranking algorithm. results. On the other hand everything will also depend on the specific competitive environment at each site. Depending on the targeted queries and mobile load times of competitors, the impacts could be very different. If everyone has a mobile-friendly site with a perfectly optimized loading time, very little impact should be noticed after updating.

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