Google Stops Its Test of Pages Without Seo Results!

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Google Stops Its Test of Pages Without Seo Results!

To hide all of the SEO results by displaying only the result of the query directly to the Internet user. Through Danny Sullivan, Google has confirmed that this test is now complete and will ultimately.  Rolled out at this time for Google searches of the calculation type. Local time search and unit conversion  Google tested for a little over a week to display only the final result to the Internet user by hiding all the natural. Results under a  Show all results  button  page 0 results seo google here’s a preview of a . Google search results page with no SEO results in the test

If Google’s initial objective was to improve the user experience on these queries by reducing page. load times up to  seconds according to Danny sullivan the search engine announced via.  Danny Sullivan that it had renounced this optimization for the moment business email australia  citing as a reason having collected enough. Data and received enough user feedback to conclude that the test should stop for the moment. stop serp test without google seo link Danny Sullivan clarified that Google teams will however continue to work on the subject to determine when this type of results should be displayed and how.

Week Ago Google Was Testing Certain Very Specific Queries,

Are you new to SEO and want to get an overview of the main elements to optimize on a page first to maximize its chances of positioning on Google. This infographic from  lists 16 important and still relevant on-page optimizations in 2018! If the list drawn up in this infographic is far from complete, the optimization of these elements is already a very good basis for hoping one day to position yourself on the first page of Google: The European Union could soon force web giants such as.  Google Amazon and Bing to reveal some of the positioning factors used to rank the search results of their services!


According to the Reuters press agency  the European Commission is currently working. On a new regulation specifically targeting online platforms such as e-commerce sites. App stores Google play store app and search engines which will require companies. More transparent about their methods of ranking search results . According to this proposal, search engines will have to specify in advance the “most important parameters determining the ranking. Such as the specific signals incorporated in the algorithms” and the mechanisms for adjusting or demoting the results.

Amazon and Bing to Reveal Some of the Positioning

Also according to Reuters this bill should not force companies to reveal their entire algorithm.  But they must be able to explain in broad terms. How and to what extent the ranking system takes into account the quality. Of products and services offered  by companies. This new bill should be published in before it comes into force. It will have to be validated by national governments and the European Parliament.

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