Google Specifies the 3 Main Criteria That Make a Page of Poor Quality : 

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Google Specifies the 3 Main Criteria That Make a Page of Poor Quality : 

Advertising that prevents access to Main Content, the author’s lack of expertise and the site’s lack of reliability. Google specifies that the sites must rated according to what they are (expectations are not the same for the corporate site of a CAC40 company as for a small personal blog without a budget). If the content of a page is of high quality but the advertisements or the SC prevent the user from accessing it Google recommends rating these pages as low quality pages. Young mothers can be enough to assign a poor quality.
 Search Quality Rating First of all, because you give more security to the users of your site. You think about providing them with a secure connection, they appreciate it and they trust you more. So you will have more credibility. Also, it’s a trend this year, even Gary Illyes from Google said in a talk a few months ago that Google is focusing on HTTPS this year and it wasn’t for the. First time Google Argentina WhatsApp Number List  wrote on its Webmaster blog, HTTPS is a positive signal for ranking. So, we can say that HTTPS is a ‘small ranking factor’ and the use of HTTPS may well influence your ranking. In addition, if you use HTTPS, you offer a better user experience to your audience. Its very important, because from January 2017 Google marks the pages where you.

Users See This Warning and They Don’t Trust

Here the traffic drops, thebounce rate increases, your site loses positions, nothing good…”, – Natalia Zhukova, marketing manager at SEMrush. Below, you’ll find data on 100,000 anonymous websites that use this security protocol and evidence that fixing errors found on these sites can be correlated to higher rankings on Google . The first and most important conclusion we can draw is that only 45% of the sites analyzed support HTTPS . All data on the frequency of errors related to HTTPS was collected during the analysis of these secure domains. Argentina-Whatsapp-Number-List
SEMrush determined that 9% of the sites analyzed still have insecure pages with password entry . Architecture-related HTTPS errors Mixed content issue 50% of sites analyzed have a problem with mixed content , which means that browsers warn users about loading insecure content, which can negatively influence user experience and reduce trust given to your site. One of the errors that can occur when switching a site to HTTPS is that the internal links on an HTTPS site point to HTTP pages . In addition, 8% of the 100,000 sites analyzed (with the exception of those that support HSTS, because this error does not affect them) have an HTTP home page that does not correspond to the HTTPS version .

This Can Cause Problems Such as Pages Competing with Each

Other loss of traffic and poor search engine rankings. In addition an error detected on 5.5% of sites is that the HTTP URLs are in the sitemap.xml for the site in. During its research SEMrush found that 2% of the sites analyzed have an expired SSL certificate and 6% of. Sites have an SSL certificate registered with an incorrect domain name server issues During this analysis. It was important to determine the proportion of sites that do not have HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) server support . The conclusion of the study is that 86% of the sites analyzed do not support HSTS .
 This technology is brand new and browsers have recently started to adopt it. In addition to server issues SNI-related errors were discovered at only 0.56% of sites If SEO is often presented as a well-paid specialty due to a lack of senior profiles in the face of growing demand. How much do independent SEO consultants project managers and SEO managers at advertisers and agencies really earn. The French SEO Camp association conducted a survey of its members and the French-speaking SEO community. Here are the results.

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