Google Result Pages Than Desktop Users Who

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Google Result Pages Than Desktop Users Who

Mainly stay on the first 2 results pages. The Google search quality guidelines are a set of criteria that have been drafted by Google for Search Quality Raters, these men and women who evaluate the quality of websites and the results returned by the Google search engine on certain queries. Google had so far only made such a document public in 2013 . Intended solely for its search results evaluators, the “Search Quality Raters”, Google has just published the 2015 version of this document, which was first revealed to the general public in its full version in 2011 following a leak.

Summary  Warning search quality guidelines nothing to do with ranking factors. Even if some elements are linked! The Google search quality guidelines are very interesting to study to understand what Google considers to be a quality site, an authority site. However these Senegal whatsapp number list are not an exhaustive list of positioning factors on Google . Thus, the fact of having made public this guide of more than 160 pages can help you to understand certain SEO elements but it will especially help you to understand how to improve the quality of your website in the eyes of Google and in the eyes of Search Quality Raters. .

Google Search Quality Raters Are Individuals

And the quality of search results returned the Mountain View search engine. What are the most interesting elements of these Search Quality Guidelines to study. Among the interesting elements that emerge from this document .The notion of Main Content and Supplementary Content are two notions that you should absolutely study. Google as more important than the links in sidebar or in elements of the site that come up in many places.

Google as pages of very good quality and those of lower quality. These numerous examples are perfect for concretely illustrating and understanding what is considered good and less good in the eyes of Google. The notion of PQ (Page Quality) is of course crucial in this document. This document also shows us that Google is much more demanding with certain websites. This is particularly the case for sites classified in the YMYL category (Your Money Your Life).

In Summary, These Are Sites That Can Potentially

So Google is particularly demanding with all sites and pages. Who have a means of payment which deal with subjects related to the laws which deal with topics on drugs and health. Which provide information on finance and banking Many other particularly interesting information. Emerge from these Search Quality Rating Guidelines , you are free to consult them in their entirety if. SEO and ergonomics are two subjects that particularly interest you. Edit: as a reader rightly pointed out to us these search quality guidelines contain very.

Important information that every webmaster should take into consideration. The absence of contact information, for example seriously affects the quality score attributed to assessed sites. What is an excellent quality page according to Google. For Google, excellent quality pages are pages: Satisfactory in terms of ergonomics (mobile compatibility loading time. General UX) With quality main content (Main Content) from an author with recognized expertise (certifications. Years of experience, reputation of the company etc  the author Rank is therefore probably not dead but used. Google Hosted on a site recognized for its expertise in the subject area (an authority site that trusted.

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