Google Recently Filed a Patent Which Seems to

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Google Recently Filed a Patent Which Seems to

Indicate that the search engine will soon take into account in its algorithm the time spent viewing all the media to determine whether it should push them in its search results, or not. This patent filed in the United States could give us some clues about how Google will choose which videos to highlight in its natural search results . The patent seems to have been designed mainly for videos but it could also apply to all other media such as audio recordings as well as images . Regarding videos, the patent explains how a score will be assigned to a video based on how long people watch it .

If the average watch time is important, this score could also be important. Conversely, if the time spent watching a video is short, its “quality score” will be lower. This quality score assigned to video content will help Google determine which videos to highlight in its Nigeria whatsapp number list search results when a query related to video content is typed into the search engine. While YouTube already uses video watch time to rank the results featured in its own search results, the fact that Google takes this factor into account is new . This patent may also comfort SEOs in the idea that Google is currently using the time spent on the pages of websites to

Determine Whether It Is Relevant to Put Them

Forward in its search results.Spam Referrer is on the rise among spammers. How to filter this useless data that distorts our Google Analytics reports. Discover some tips summarized in this article. Summary : What is Spam Referrer. Spam Referrer is a spam technique used by spammers to make their website appear in the list of Google Analytics referring sites. (Sites that are normally supposed to redirect traffic to your site). To do so, spammers send a large number of requests to your site so that the Analytics solution interprets them as visits. This data fakes your traffic reports, which is why it is highly recommended to block them.

There are two types of Spam Referrer, Ghost Referrer Spam and Crawler Referrer Spam . Ghost Referrer Spam is so called because no visit, even that of a robot, is recorded on your site . This is actually a spamming technique. That sends data directly to your Google Analytics account via the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol . This measurement protocol makes it possible for developers to send data directly to Google Analytics servers. The Crawler Referrer Spam is different, it takes the form of a crawler robot that will browse your website , like the Google Bot does to index your pages on

Even Identified, It Is Generally Useless to

Block these robots in the robots.txt because they generally ignore all the commands located there. The Crawler Referrer Spam, unlike Ghost Spam. Will come to visit your site using a valid hostname, which generates referral visits in your Google Analytics report. Now that you know a little more about Spam Referrer, how do you protect yourself against it? How do you remove this data from your Google Analytics reports? The infographic below offers some avenues to explore. How to get rid of sites that practice Spam Referrer in Google Analytics? Referrer Spam Infographic How to block Ghost Spam Referrer?

To block this type of spam from your Google Analytics account. You will need to filter them by hostname on your Google Analytics view . First of all you have established exhaustive list of all suspicious sites that do not link to you from articles. Blog comments or forum posts if you are redirected to another page or another domain. By accessing a referring domain present in the “Referring sites” report of your Google Analytics. There is a good chance that this site is practicing Spam Referrer. So you should exclude it from your Analytics data by creating a specific view filter .

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