Google No Longer Displays What Other Developments?

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Google No Longer Displays What Other Developments?

Google is known for carrying out a lot of A/B testing and constantly modifying the display of its search results. If the Mountain View search engine officially wishes to offer the best possible user experience, its choices are not insignificant and can impact the activity of the companies referenced thanks to its engine. In a recent study conducted by Searchmetrics , the tool studied the recent evolution of Google’s natural results (in the United States). Here are some of the findings from the study: On average, only 8.6 traditional SEO results are now displayed on the 1st page of Google (blue links – in Desktop) On average, 8.5 SEO links appear on the first page of Google Mobile’s organic search results 11.4% of searches return an average Google News insert on

Desktop 30.4% of searches return on average a location dedicated to Google. Images Insights from the Knowledge Graph appear on approximately 20% of mobile Bolivia WhatsApp Number List desktop searches 90% of. Videos displayed on the first page of Google are from YouTube Methodology . Over 500,000 search results for commonly searched terms were analyzed on both PCs and Smartphones. The study was conducted in early 2016, around week 14, so current results from a similar study may still be different at the time of writing. To download the full study go here. Google now displays, on average. SEO links instead of 10 previously number results page 1 google In the past, on the first page of Google’s search results. The search engine displayed 10 blue links corresponding to SEO results today the average is now 8.6 on.

Desktop Results and 8.5 on Natural Results on Smartphones .

This evolution results from the integration of many new enriched formats in the search results of Google but not only. From universal search inserts (Google Images. YouTube videos carousel (mobile), Google Maps local blocks) to recent developments from the Knowledge. Graph and machine learning (Answer Box Related Questions. Fact box, movies, application promotion block. Google has considerably changed the way it displays results in 18 years of any attempt at optimization, it is first necessary .To analyze its pages in order to determine which ones need to reworked. Improving the CTR means attracting more traffic to its pages and therefore probably more conversions, even at identical SEO positions and search volumes.

How to analyze the SEO CTR of its pages. The click-through rate on your SEO results retrieved from Google Search Console in the search analysis report . This report will show you, in addition to the average click rate of your results, the average positioning of the latter on all the queries they target. Of course, the better your SEO positioning, the higher your CTR will naturally be . However, it is not because you are already first on a request that you should not optimize your CTR, quite the contrary. PS: This study on average SEO CTRs based on Adwords sponsored links should interest you. 2.

Take Advantage of All the Google Rich Snippets Available

Google allows you to tag product sheets, test articles recipes etc. And then display an enriched extract of the tagged elements directly in its search results. Even before Internet users have clicked on a link if the rich snippets most commonly encountered by Internet users are golden stars. They are also the ones that best optimize their CTR (especially when other sites do not use them). To take advantage of this display, however, you must correctly mark up your pages with Schema. To find out more visit here .

In order to optimize its CTR, you should be careful not to add a succession of. Keywords that will not make the Internet user want to know more. Put yourself in the shoes of the personas targeted by your page What keywords are they looking for to get to your page? What were you looking for if you were in their shoes? What information would you like to have before you decide. These few questions can be very useful to you in order to optimize your. Title tag and Meta description to make the Internet user want to find the answers to all their questions on your website. 5.

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