Google launches rich cards: the future of rich snippets?

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Google launches rich cards: the future of rich snippets?

With the aim of improving both the user experience on mobile and the promotion of sites that will use this new markup (based once again on the structured data of, Google has just introduced the rich cards , a new mobile display format dedicated to certain types of results such as cooking recipes and movies. Google Rich Cards As you can see in the image above showing the evolution of the display of Google results, the rich cards will be displayed on mobile in the form of a carousel that the user can scroll to the right and the left (near the display of AMP articles ). The results displayed may come from different sites but also from a single site depending on the request made by the Internet user.

Images will now be much larger , so their quality will likely play an even bigger role in the click-through rate of this new display than it currently does. Summary : What requests are affected by these rich cards? For now, this new display in Google search mobile results is Finland WhatsApp Number List available for cooking recipes and movies . Google, on the other hand, has indicated that it is currently exploring new possibilities for various other types of content. How to set up markup dedicated to rich cards? Even if the new rich cards format is still not deployed in France, the first sites to implement dedicated markup could benefit from a significant boost in visibility on mobile queries when it is launched! google rich cards recipes To implement it on your site, Google recommends the use of JSON-LD.

 You Will Find All the Instructions from Google Here .

To find the instructions for the other formats, it’s here . Once the markup is in place on your site, you can test it using the new structured data testing tool : new structured data testing tool. A new ‘Rich Cards’ error report in Search Console rich cards search console. A new report dedicated to Rich Cards launched in Search Console. Accessible at this address to all owners of a Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) account, this new report will allow developers to identify invalid or incomplete enriched cards. Google also indicates on this new report that enriched map data with errors or omissions can limit the functionalities available for your map or prevent its complete processing by the search engine.

New “Rich Results” filter coming soon to Search Console’s Search. Analytics report In addition to introducing a new error report dedicated to Rich Cards. Google has also developed a new filter that will soon be available in Search Console’s Search Analytics report . For the moment accessible only in closed beta. This new filter allow any webmaster or SEO to obtain precise statistics on the performance of their rich cards and rich snippets by consulting the clicks and impressions generated by these 2 formats distinct rich. The display of rich cards is currently only possible on mobile results in English and accessible from The search engine should on the other hand very soon generalize their display internationally and therefore in France.

Cards: a Deployment Date for France?

According to Garry Illyes, this could soon change via an upcoming mobile friendly update . If the engine has just deployed its second mobile-friendly update in May 2016. This other update could arrive within a few months, probably at the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017. Google would currently be just planning this algorithmic update. Google has always communicated a lot officially about mobile-friendly updates. An official publication will announce the news a few months before the arrival of the update.

Beyond the improvement of the user experience webmasters and. SEOs will now have even more interest in working separately on the loading time. Of their desktop version and that of their mobile version if they do not wish to suffer the impact negative. Of an upcoming mobile friendly update integrating loading time into its positioning factors . What tools to optimize your mobile loading time. To test the loading time of a website and get advice on how to improve it there are  interesting tools. Google Page Speed ​​Insights (the one you should look into the most because it belongs to Google) Pingdom Tools.

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