Google Is Testing the Display Associated With a Query!

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Google Is Testing the Display Associated With a Query!

Functionality currently being tested discovered on the query in the United States by Pete Meyers. This carousel of the best products associated with a query is composed of 4 elements. The visual of the product name of the product average rating associated with the product as well as the total number of reviews.  A Mentioned in” section integrating up to 2 sources. Each source includes the title of the article where the product is mentioned as well as the name of the site editor.

Carousel test best google products This is what the carousel of the best products in test on. Google looks like Unlike a carousel of sponsored products. This carousel  cyprus telephone numbers search of products selected naturally by Google is composed of 3 visible products against the case of a carousel of Google Shopping products. Just like. Google Shopping product carousel the user has the option to other selected products by clicking the right arrow. How does Google choose which products to display.

What Placement for This New Carousel of Test Products?

No product-specific structured data markup was detected on the Wired article. In The Spruce article, we see the presence of the markup Item List Order Descending but the first product in the list is not the one that ends up in the first place of the carousel. So Google doesn’t seem to rely on structured data markup to choose which products to display.

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The ranking of the products also does not seem to be linked to the number of reviews since. The second product has more reviews than the first for an average rating which seems close or even identical. The third product has only 5 reviews. The final ranking could be based on the total number of mentions in pages ranking on related queries coupled with the average product review score but these are only speculations.

How Does Google Choose Which Products to Display?

What placement for this new carousel of test products this new top products carousel was observed. On a query where a Google Shopping carousel was already present at the top of the SERP. In the screenshot shared by Pete Meyers we see that this new format is included in the top 5 of natural results. In 5th position in this specific case

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