Google Is Testing a New Highlight for Related Searches!

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Google Is Testing a New Highlight for Related Searches!

Historically only featured at the end of search results Google’s  Related Searches. Section can now appear directly below a search result when a user clicks on a link from the results page and then. Decides to return to the latter after a few seconds. Here’s what it actually looks like (in this case. It’s the natural search result that came first on the query “marketing automation google test related searches.  Here is an example of the new highlighting of related searches in test on Google other related google searches. Here is an overview of the traditional insert dedicated to related searches that appear at the bottom of the search results page New highlighting of related searches:

what conditions for their display? This new highlight currently being tested by Google does not currently apply to all search results. To be able to obtain this result, the Internet user must: being served by Google a long search results page (more than 10 search results)a search  how to make a canadian email address  result and then go back to the page with all the search results. From my testing, it appears to be just a test for long search results pages with up to 50 results at the moment . In my case, this feature was triggered on the query “ marketing automation ” when the results page was showing way more than the usual 10 results. On other queries with only 10 results per page, the highlighting of related searches was only accessible at the end of the page.

5 Things to Know About This New Highlight

Things to know about this new highlight of related searches on Google this new highlight is only displayed if the. Results page presents more than 10 search results to the Internet user this section only appears if the user clicks on a link and then returns to the search results. So it does not appear as soon as the search results appear. When you click on an associated search suggestion. Google loads a new search results page for that query. Even if this new highlight fires, Google still displays a. Related Searches section at the end of its search results page. The related searches highlighted in this new insert are complementary to those displayed at the bottom of the page, but some are Canadian CFO Email Lists

If you do not have a mobile site or if the latter is on a subdomain with completely different. Content from the Desktop version Google will initially continue to use the.  Desktop version of your site to position it in its search results (mobile and computer) until the full deployment. Of the mobile-first index (which does not seem to be expected before 1 or 2 years a priori). If you do not have a mobile site, Google will continue to use your Desktop version to position your site on mobile and desktop search results. For a long time (several months or even years). Its positioning on mobile should be negatively affected. At the same level as it is currently until the full deployment of the mobile-first index.

New Highlighting of Related What Conditions for Their Display?

It strongly recommends that webmasters and SEOs update and enrich this type of content. So that they offer a better quality user experience and much more effective content for. SEO on search engines Group several similar contents into one and the same richer content. Having two close pages targeting two variants of similar queries is clearly not a good practice in 2017. It is therefore rather recommended to create a single page responding to a close lexical field.

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