Google Is Officially Rolling Out the Mobile-first Index!

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Google Is Officially Rolling Out the Mobile-first Index!

While Gary announced the start of the deployment of the mobile-first index in October.  The search engine has just officially confirmed that the mobile-first index is currently being.  Deployed for all sites that follow the good practices related to mobile-first indexing. Sites that switch to the mobile-first index will now be notified via Search Console! Tested for over a year and a half, Google has just confirmed that mobile-first indexing is now officially rolling out to all sites that already follow mobile-first indexing best practices.

Mobile-first index callback Concretely Google has until now used the content of the desktop. A version of the sites to index and rank the websites in its Sri Lanka b2b website mobile and desktop search results. This mode of operation could sometimes pose a problem for mobile users who were served mobile pages with content very different from that of the desktop version of the sites. Thus, since the share of mobile users carrying out searches on Google began to be greater than that of Internet users from a computer.

Google Will Now Notify via

Google began to work on a new way to better satisfy these mobile users during their searches on the web. This is how the mobile-first index was born. With the mobile-first index it is the content of the mobile version of the sites that is used in priority to index and rank the sites in the search results. While the mobile-first index.

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Will have little impact overall on most responsive sites or those that use dynamic serving.  Google has posted online documentation dedicated to some good practices to know related to the mobile-first index. first. Google will now notify via Search Console sites that pass on the mobile-first index! mobile-first index ad Here is the warning email from Google Search.

Console Sites That Pass on the Mobile-first Index!

Console when switching to mobile-first index you do not have access to a log analyzer.  Allowing you to identify an increase in the crawl of your site.  Googlebot Smartphone Don’t panic, now all sites that move to the mobile-first index will be notified of the switch via an email from Search Console.

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