Google Is Currently Testing Serps With 14 Sponsored Links (Video)

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Google Is Currently Testing Serps With 14 Sponsored Links (Video)

In a video shared a query made on Google UK presents a that would give cold sweats to any professional: info or fake news? Here is what we know about it. This was actually a very real Google Ads bug 14 Google Ads ad links for one and the same Google search results page, don’t you believe it? This video, shared on Twitter seems to want to prove us the opposite: According to the account at the origin of the sharing of this information, it would be a test currently in progress across the Channel in the United Kingdom on What configuration for this search results page with 14 advertisements? From what you can see on the video. The test search results page will be displayed to mobile users following this layout: 4 sponsored links right after the search bar

Natural result link 1 image block 6 natural result links (SEO) 3 Google Ads sponsored links 1 block of related searches News or fake news? Google has officially not reacted to this test but it seems unlikely to me , although the video seems rather well done. When you consult the SERP in question on the desktop from France, you see nothing abnormal, not even an advertisement mobile phone number portugal the horizon… This, added to the fact that it is not a request under form of question and that 7 Google Ads ads in a row seems quite unlikely so suggests to me that we are more on a false test than anything else. But you are free to form your own opinion. if this type of were to emerge, the would be even more important than currently, which would clearly complicate the work of !f you are lucky enough to already be referenced on Google News, all you have to do now is produce quality content

News but Also on the Google News Homepage.

For those who are not yet referenced on Google News but who would like to see their articles listed in the various sections provided for this purpose, we strongly recommend that you read these prerequisites . If Google will not explain to you how to choose the subjects and how to concretely do to be first everywhere, it still recently shared some interesting tips for publishers who would like to get started on Google News (also valid for publishers already integrated). Summary : 1- Optimize titles and dates Display clear titles : Google News scans the HTML of pages to determine the title and subtitles of an article. It is therefore strongly recommended to tag them in html using the the title Clearly indicate the time and date of publication (and update) of the article : clearly and visibly place the publication date between the title and the content of the article.

mobile phone number portugal

Use the markup to indicate to Google via code the precise date of publication and update via the date Published and date Modified attributes by associating the correct time zone. 2- Do not play too much with Google News Artificial update of the article date : Only update the date displayed on the article if the article has been significantly updated. Do not artificially refresh the date of the article if the latter has not undergone modifications. Republish an old article with a slight edit: Republishing a previously published article with a slight edit and 301 redirecting the old to the new is also not an accepted Google News practice. Such practices can lead to your de-referencing from Google News if Google were to notice it (or if a competitor were to report you). 3- Create unique, non-duplicated content Google News wants to reward publishers of content that is unique and not plagiarized from another website.

Content Scraped From Other Websites Slightly Rewritten

Or republished is therefore prohibited and as far as possible excluded from Google News by the search engine. The sites referenced on Google News should therefore not use one of these techniques: Publication of scraped content : this involves automatically fetching content on the net using a script and then republishing it without modification on your own website. If you perform this technique for part of your site, these should not be referenced on Google News and in your dedicated Google News sitemap. Posting rewritten content without added value : Content slightly rewritten so that it doesn’t pass as duplicate content is not recommended by Google. Each article must provide its own additional added value.

It is therefore not forbidden to draw inspiration from the article of another site provided that it adds additional added value and does not repeat word for word the statements of the source. Publication of content from other websites via a feed : if you have permission to republish content from other sites thanks in particular to a dedicated feed, these must not be referenced in the Google News sitemap. Google recommends using the canonical tag to indicate the actual source of the article. 4- Be transparent Readers want to know who is behind an article. Whether it’s the company behind the site or the author behind the article,

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