Google Images Update: What Concrete Changes?

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Google Images Update: What Concrete Changes?

From today, following a search carried out on Google Images, Internet users will no longer be able to consult the single image in large format (and save it) as simply as before without visiting the web page that hosts it. old google images Preview of the old version of Google Images with the “View image” button available Concretely, the ” Display the image ” button which until now allowed a user to consult the image alone by landing directly on the URL of the image has now disappeared to leave only the ” Consult ” button (formerly ” Consult the page “) which redirects the user directly to the web page hosting the image .

Unlike last year’s Google Images update , this change could therefore have a positive impact on the volume of traffic redirected from Google Images to websites ireland company database that have visuals that are well positioned on the search engine. . Google Image update Preview of the new Google Images interface with the only .View button available and the best emphasis on the copyright warning Second change.

Google Images Should Now Redirect More Traffic to Sites!

This mention was until now barely visible because it was added under the section dedicated to similar. Images as you can see in the first screenshot above these changes to Google Images come just days after.  Getty Images and Google announced an agreement following a 2016 complaint filed. Getty Images for “anti-competitive practices through this agreement. Google has undertaken to implement several measures to better protect the copyrights associated with the images.

A circumvention still possible for users While the main purpose of this update is to. Better protect the copyrights of images indexed by Google on its search engine. Internet users will still be able to access the image alone or save it directly from the search results of Google Images without having to click on the. View button and visit the web page hosting the image. When the Internet user clicks on an image in the search results of.

A Circumvention Still Possible for Users

Google Images it is indeed always possible for him to right-click and then click on. Open image in new tab Save Image As So long as Google doesn’t disable right-clicking in its image search engine. Stealing images will still be just as easy, even after the. If you are taking over an existing site that has had the strategy of creating different. Pages with similar or similar content to target very similar queries. It is therefore advisable to choose a page to enrich (the one with the most potential) and then to put in in place. Redirects from old pages to new and improved content.

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