Google Has Therefore Just Rolled Out a New

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Google Has Therefore Just Rolled Out a New

Update that will impact around 5% of queries worldwide. which is still huge! Depending on the language, the impacted results could be more or less important. For example russia is a historically particularly difficult market for google. This google update will lead to a radical transformation of natural search results on impacted queries. Thus, if google detects pirated content that was previously on page 1, it will remove them from its results without replacing them with other legitimate results that are less well positioned. The number of results returned to internet users on these queries will therefore potentially.

Much lower than the usual 10 results. A user could even end up with a results page limited to only 5 or 6 results if google believes that the others were positioned thanks to hacked content. Here is an illustration from google to show the change that may occur in the event of New zealand whatsapp number list content coming up on targeted queries: google hacked content in this specific case, if there are a large number of results that come from spam, google will simply remove them from its results page without replacing them. With recognized expertise (certifications, years of experience,

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A google search quality rater , you’ll have no choice but to read this guide to google’s search quality criteria in its entirety. To apply and try to become google search quality rater, you must try your luck from the site . You will have to pass several tests before you can hope to work indirectly for google from home.While the Google Pigeon algorithmic update was deployed in France last June, what are the positioning factors that Google now uses to rank local natural results? A study by Moz provides us with some answers. Moz is an American site that offers both SEO news and studies but also free and paid tools.

Such as the Moz Spam Score or the Moz Bar . Moz recently presented its 2015 study on the ranking factors most taken into account by Google in its global algorithm to rank the results, here we will present the study dedicated to local SEO . Summary : Local SEO: general positioning factors: Local SEO ranking factors 2015 If the evolution between 2014 and 2015 has been significant since the arrival in France of Google Pigeon , the basics remain the same. The 8 main local SEO positioning factors are therefore the following according to the Moz study: Google My Business signals: is your profile fully completed?

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Are the contact details the same as those found on other sites and yours? Is your presentation detailed? … Volume and quality of external local citations that include your business contact information : Are you present in local directories? On the Yellow Pages? Are your contact details the same on all of these sites?… Local On-Page SEO signals keywords in the content of the site, in the Title tags, Meta description, Hn tags, domain name authority. Optimize a page to position itself on a “keyword + city” amounts to the same as optimizing a page. On a generic query , it is enough simply to add a more local dimension. The page by inserting in particular keywords related to the targeted locality.

If you are targeting a city in Brittany,adding for example the name of the city. Breton to places on the page will help Google to consider your page as semantically rich. So you will have more chances of appearing in the local natural results if only the rest. Optimization of incoming links ( backlinks ): in local SEO as in classic SEO. Popularity plays an important role in the positioning of a page. Thus, the more you will obtain qualitative links coming if possible from local sources with strong authority. The more likely you will be to position yourself.

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