Google Featured Snippets: 3 New Features Announced for 2018!

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Google Featured Snippets: 3 New Features Announced for 2018!

Google recently launched a new feature allowing users to navigate between several featured snippets. Directly from its search results : several google featured snippets. Concretely on certain queries associated with secondary queries as in the example above. Google will now be able to allow Internet users to consult the secondary featured snippets associated with the main query by clicking on tags integrated under the main featured snippet.
When clicking on one of these “tags”, a second featured snippet will be displayed to the Internet user without the latter being redirected to another  how to find someones mobile number in india page of search results. While offering a better user experience to the Internet user, this new feature will thus promote the visibility of the sites present in the featured snippets of the secondary queries associated with a main query . 2- Google will soon be able to display several featured snippets in a row in its search results!

3- Google Will Better Differentiate “Near Match

Functionality not yet deployed for the moment, Google will soon be able to display several positions 0 in a row to respond to a single request from an Internet user. When this new feature is rolled out, the other traditional natural search results for the queries concerned will be relegated much further down the page, thus drastically reducing their visibility with Internet users.
 Here is an example rendering presented by Google two Google featured snippets in a row. Here is an example of a Google mobile SERP with 2 featured snippets in a row . Google will better differentiate “near match” featured snippets from “exact match” featured snippets. When Google does not have enough data to answer a specific query with a dedicated featured snippet. It can sometimes present the user with a featured snippet answering a very closely related question.

Featured Snippets From Exact Match Featured Snippets

The example given by Google Searches for did the novels tell time and how did the novels tell time at night. Returned the same featured snippet because A small bullet point list can also help you with this. The targeted keyword must be in your URL and in your. Title tag internal links should refer to related articles. Choosing anchors carefully. Why not use a keyword associated or semantically.  Close to the main keyword insert an image with at least one Alt tag. Filled and worked. If you want to know other important factors for your site.

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