Google: Authorship Definitively Abandoned?

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Google: Authorship Definitively Abandoned?

At a recent conference organized by Marketing Land (SMX Advanced), Gary Illyes, webmaster trends analyst for Google indicated that the authorship (and the rel=author tag) was no longer used at all by the search engine. . In August 2014, John Mueller had already announced the end of the display of authorship in search results. The photos of the authors therefore no longer appear for almost 2 years in the Serps. On the other hand, if John made it clear that authorship was no longer used by Google at all, it was in fact still used for the feature articles that appear on Google News .

In October 2015, Google still recommended that webmasters keep their. Author tag even if the latter was no longer officially used the search. With this recent intervention. Therefore confirmed that the rel=author tag will no longer have any use on websites . Gary explained this information by indicating that they had successfully circumvented their El Salvador WhatsApp Number List to use authorship. In Gary’s Google has found a way to not need authorship to know who is the author of a piece of content .  Author While there is indeed a markup dedicated to authors and already used on more than a million sites according to Schema. Google has indicated that it is able to determine the author of an article.

Tag That Tells It Who Wrote the Content or It

Could have a much more sophisticated machine learning system that. Analyzing millions of content, would be able to determine who owns which content. If the second option seems unlikely, the first seems much more plausible. Google could therefore in reality no longer take into account the rel=author tag but take into account another more widely used tag… (but this is only speculation) As is often the case with Google communications, it is still unclear whether or not Google always takes authorship into account on its search engine…


While Google observed a sharp increase in the number of sites hacked. For spam in 2015 compared to the previous year ( +180%. The search engine also found that the direct warning of the site owner increased 75 % chance that the site cleaned. From today Google Analytics users able to notified. Via a new Google Analytics notification. When a site consulted. Google’s audience analysis tool hacked for spam reasons.  A message of this type now displayed to all users directly from the Google Analytics user interface in the.

Notifications ” Section: Google Analytics Spam Alert

In addition to warning this new alert will indicate to the webmaster (or web analyst. The hacked site(s) that contain compromised pages the impacts this will have on users. The site marked as hacked in the search results (“This site may hacked. And the display of an old cached version of the site to certain users The link to the Search Console report dedicated to security issues. Useful Google resources to try to fix the problem as soon as possible This new notification. Therefore complement the one already sent by email to all users of Google Search Console, the tool dedicated to search engine webmasters.

Following this article, John Mueller and Gary Illyes quickly warned webmasters. Who would like to benefit from a boost by migrating their sites to new extensions in search of an SEO traffic boost. Webmaster trends analysts have indicated that the words present in the domain. Switching from a current. Voyage therefore has no SEO interest according to them . In reality you will therefore potentially have more to lose than to gain undertaking this type of migration solely for SEO.

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