Google App Indexing: 2 New Features to Discover in Search Console!

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Google App Indexing: 2 New Features to Discover in Search Console!

Google has launched two new features in its Serch Console formerly. Google Webmaster Tools for application publishers who want to better reference their content on the search engine. Reminder. If you provide it with the necessary elements. Google is able to send the data from your mobile applications to its search engine. This is called App Indexing, the indexing of mobile applications in French ( to do this, consult these help pages ). Data from indexed apps now appears in the. Search Analytics” report! Application research analysis Until now, app publishers who benefited from App Indexing had no data on the visibility generated by this Google feature .

Now, Google has added mobile app data to its new “Search Analytics” report . Accessible directly from Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools), this data will allow application publishers to know precisely which queries bring traffic to their mobile applications . They will Panama whatsapp number list able to view the most popular pages and understand precisely where the traffic generated on their mobile applications comes from. This new report dedicated to indexed applications will also allow publishers to know their average positions for the keywords on which their content goes up, they will also obtain the volume of impressions generated as well as the

Volume of Clicks Generated Towards Their Applications.

Google launches “Explore like Google” for mobile applications! Explore like Google app If that wasn’t enough, Google has also launched a second feature dedicated to mobile applications in its Search Console. Now, mobile app owners will also be able to use the “Browse like Google” feature for their apps . This feature will allow publishers to properly optimize their mobile apps to perform even better in Google’s search results.positively impacting mobile-optimized websites in its search results, Bing has also announced its own mobile-friendly update which should coming this summer!

Bing recently announced that Microsoft ‘s search engine will follow in Google’s footsteps. Rolling out its own mobile-friendly update soon likely sometime in the summer. Mobile-friendly tag Bing had already followed Google’s “mobile-friendly” tag functionality. Also integrating it into its search engine in the United States. Today, Microsoft’s search engine wants to go even further with this update announced day. The mobile-friendly tag or mobile site, should be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks. What factors will determine if a page is mobile-friendly according to Bing.

This new algorithmic update that will take place this time on the

Bing side will be based on 4 main factors that we will quickly present here.  Navigation must optimal Bing mobile-friendly browsing. For your site to be considered mobile-friendly Bing, the search engine advises webmasters to use large buttons and sufficient. Spacing between the different links to allow the mobile user to easily navigate the website , this first recommendation is therefore the same as Google. Bing mobile friendly readability The text of the mobile page must be readable without the mobile user needing to zoom in .

All content should also be accessible without having to scroll left or right. Bing again reveals here a screenshot of an optimized page VS an unoptimized page, once again. These criteria are similar to those set Google. 3- Scroll optimization. Bing mobile update scrolling Taking up the above criterion somewhat. Bing may consider that a site is mobile friendly only if all the content.  Is visible without having to scroll horizontally

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