Google Announces the Penalization of Satellite Pages / Sites!

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Google Announces the Penalization of Satellite Pages / Sites!

Google will very soon fight, with a new algorithmic update, against satellite pages and sites. All pages created solely for SEO purposes and not for the purpose of improving the user experience will be targeted by Google. Summary : What is a doorway page? Before getting to the heart of the matter, here is a little reminder on the definition of a doorway page by Google: A doorway page is a page created for a single purpose: to match a specific request with a single SEO interest, to send traffic to a landing page . For more details, you can consult Google’s help center on this subject . Here are examples of doorway pages targeted by this update: Several pages or websites that target different cities or regions while redirecting the user to a single destination page.

Pages used only to capture traffic and quickly redirect it to the same desired landing page. Very close pages that look like search results and not a clearly defined, easy-to-access tree structure. Hard-to-access orphan pages created solely for SEO interests. An update against Poland whatsapp number list sites and pages that will make SEOs tremble! In the world of SEO, this practice is not very young, if many blog networks have already been negatively impacted by other updates, Google wishes here to attack all sites and pages that target the same request with a different page or site . Having several pages that target the same query or a very similar query will therefore very soon be penalized by Google.

The American Search Engine Believes That the

Proliferation of doorway pages is indeed deteriorating the user experience , thus justifying this new update. The same site should no longer be able to appear on several results of the same query! This new algorithmic update will also aim to clean the search results of duplicates. When the same site is positioned with several different pages on the same request. Google thus wishes once again to highlight the user experience to justify its decisions , explaining that if a user clicks. On a first result and goes back to then click on a second result. Which sends him to the same site as did not appreciate, the user experience is altered, so Google wants to correct this problem.

Are there major impacts to be expected for sites that use these techniques. Google has announced that sites that heavily use these techniques could experience very large traffic losses . If your site does not use this type of SEO techniques. Your site will most likely not be negatively impacted by this new Google update. Some questions to ask yourself to know if a page can be considered a doorway page. Does the page have the sole purpose of capturing traffic and then redirecting. It to other pages of the site that are more interesting for the user experience. Is the page optimized to position itself on very generic

Queries with Very Specific Content?

Does the page duplicate or aggregate product selections already present on other parts of the site to capture more traffic? Is this page only created to redirect traffic to partner sites via affiliation or does it have real added value. Is it difficult once on this page to navigate to other internal pages? Are the links to this page made from networks of sites with a unique SEO interest? Is the internal linking to this page only made for SEO purposes? Note also that for 69% of French SEOs, web referencing is for them a stable job with a permanent contract.

Salary: how much do SEOs earn? As the infographic shows disparities exist between the salary of a SEO in Ile de France and the salary. On the other hand, 44% of the SEOs surveyed earn between 31 and 45K€ gross per year. Here again, women are not on an equal footing with men since 50% of them declare earning less than 25K€ annually compared to only 32% for men. 34% of male SEOs earn between 26 and 36K€ gross annually.

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